Friday, November 11, 2016


We remember our Vets so we do not forget. It appears that we have forgotten what we are supposed to remember them for. Coincidentally, the generation that warned us is dying out or considered too old to matter.

Through the vast reach of media the highly charged vitriol has affected all of us. That was the point. We all have friends and family that have been undeservedly shoved into the lowest category. Do not listen. Shut it off the way you would close a book that is a waste of time. Remember that the world has become a stage again.

There is a great line in a bad movie: What can you do with 3 billion dollars that you cannot do with one?

To be edited and revised...

Saturday, June 25, 2016


A very long time ago, on a unique planet, (known to some as let's treat it like dirt), mammals took over the earth.

At least they thought they did. Or made others believe they owned what they did not. It is unclear when Orange Utans split off the tree of evolution. Then came the great regression to hairy times.

Sensitive creatures that they are, some can be spotted in their natural habitat wearing baseball caps as they attempt to mimic human behavior.