Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Blog? The Devolution of Ignorance.

1. Blogging is for losers.
Everyone has lost something. Now, where are my keys?
2. Blogging is for people who have lost their job and are blogging instead of looking for another one.
They are "networking" or making a movie.
3. Blogging is for seniors, who after retiring realize that they are still alive and now have decades to kill.
Some pursue their abandoned interests, start their next career and/or share their wisdom and experience. Ageism is so last century.
4. Blogging is dead.
According to unreliable web statistics, there are 100 million active blogs. Plus one.
5. Young dynamic professionals are on Facebook.
500 million of them. Who don't like their privacy. Minus one.
6. Blogs are for fame and fortune seekers, who need attention and believe that they will get a book and movie deal if they put their crap online.
Someone gorged her way through Julia Child, while someone else talked s&%t about his dad. (Wait, that was twitter, never mind).  In an era where vacuous celebs can hit the bestseller list, anything is possible.
7. Bloggers need to get a life and leave their house more.
Prank callers have blogs now and have been replaced by telemarketers. Nobody is perfect.
8. Bloggers are weird, creepy or strange.
There is a blog for everyone and anything.

Why blog?
It's a creative outlet. A way to share information, thoughts and opinions. A means to meet a global community of talented, intelligent and like-minded people. Inspire and be inspired. Read something funny, deep or exhausting. Experience something new. People showcase their talents, support and encourage each other. Self-published, no editing or editors involved. Proper grammar and spelling are optional and frequently phonetic. Blog awards do not require lengthy acceptance speeches that include long lists of people no one has ever heard of.

Why not?
It's free, but everything is subject to change...