Friday, September 28, 2012

Conversation Stopper

At least every 4 years I get dragged into conversations that I do not want be having and gain no knowledge from. Depending on the company, these monologues often contain conspiracy theories, unverifiable information, little humor and various doom and gloom scenarios.

Devout self-preservationist that I am, I have developed a repertoire of responses, which stop any attempt at talking about pol*litt[icks:

1. I completely agree. We need to start taxing babies. All that free-loading suckling and cooing needs to come to an end.

2. Sooooooo. Which corporation are you voting for?

3. I have been experimenting with gamma radiation as a solution to the world's problems. You might not want to stand so close....I think my ear fell into you drink. Sorry about that.

4. I cannot talk about it. It's classified. *whispers* Phase 1 of the dumbification project is complete. Let the Age of Ignorance begin. Huzzah!

5. That's why I have been stockpiling. Toothbrushes are on sale and I need about 3000 of them. I am guessing we can all come to the surface in about a century or so.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I Took A Blogging Break And Then...

During my blogging vacation the following virtual headlines kept appearing; did VinnyC find an employer who actually appreciates his skills? What is the talented Sprite creating now? Did she post any pictures? I wonder what insightful or hilarious moments dbs is sharing. I have got to tell him about the incomprehensible post-it note I found. *Clap*. I hope Meg's move to Japan went smoothly. Life-saving Nubian disappeared for awhile. Hope she is alright. DocCyn, last I heard he was suffering from happiness.

I thought about other fellowers. Laoch, what information is he sharing and which denizens did he meet on his recent excursions? Alistair, who writes about history while cuddling his girls. Al, who is probably in the process of making fun of the last sentence. Marylinn, Claire and Jayne, whose lyrical writing relaxes me. Fellow geek David, who I could not visit during his GOT reviews. I wonder how his scifi writing is going.

Since I think about the lives and writings of my fellow blogger friends even when I am off the grid, I will have to rejoin the blogging world to find out how everyone has been faring. And please pick up this award while visiting.