Sunday, October 20, 2013

Snake Oil

Back in the day, merchants used to set up their carts and peddle the cure all that cures all ailments. This practice has not stopped. Add scientific language to it and the following sounds both healthy and delectable:

Buy Copernicum. Known to aid with everything, particularly popsiculitis. From the makers of BS Inc.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


"Using defensive pessimism to harness anxiety and perform at your peak"

There is a book for everyone and everything.

Whether one has a positive or a negative outlook on life; does it make a difference?

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Nice Guys Finish Last?

There are those of us (and I suspect that we are not in the minority), who cannot abide pain and suffering nor would we ever volitionally be the the cause of it. Those of us, who offer help beyond kind words when we watch someone who appears helpless and requires support.

Darwin's theory in the popularized approach is perpetually misinterpreted. Survival of the fittest by his meaning and revolutionary definition is not as is commonly and mistakenly believed survival of the strongest fastest and most vicious.  It is the survival of those who pass on their genes to the greatest number of progeny. Unlike insects, reptiles or amphibians, we do not pass on our genes to thousands of offspring.

Survival of the fittest in the human context ought to apply to communities as a whole. We have however, twisted our humanity into producing cruel and greedy psychopaths, who revel in the pain and suffering of those around them, even those who they are genetically related to. They do not destroy with sharp tools, but with greed and indifference, exploiting those of us who cannot and will not change their nature; those of us to whom integrity, compassion and empathy offers more value than the causation of poverty, pain and suffering.