Thursday, January 27, 2011

Why Blog? The Devolution of Ignorance.

1. Blogging is for losers.
Everyone has lost something. Now, where are my keys?
2. Blogging is for people who have lost their job and are blogging instead of looking for another one.
They are "networking" or making a movie.
3. Blogging is for seniors, who after retiring realize that they are still alive and now have decades to kill.
Some pursue their abandoned interests, start their next career and/or share their wisdom and experience. Ageism is so last century.
4. Blogging is dead.
According to unreliable web statistics, there are 100 million active blogs. Plus one.
5. Young dynamic professionals are on Facebook.
500 million of them. Who don't like their privacy. Minus one.
6. Blogs are for fame and fortune seekers, who need attention and believe that they will get a book and movie deal if they put their crap online.
Someone gorged her way through Julia Child, while someone else talked s&%t about his dad. (Wait, that was twitter, never mind).  In an era where vacuous celebs can hit the bestseller list, anything is possible.
7. Bloggers need to get a life and leave their house more.
Prank callers have blogs now and have been replaced by telemarketers. Nobody is perfect.
8. Bloggers are weird, creepy or strange.
There is a blog for everyone and anything.

Why blog?
It's a creative outlet. A way to share information, thoughts and opinions. A means to meet a global community of talented, intelligent and like-minded people. Inspire and be inspired. Read something funny, deep or exhausting. Experience something new. People showcase their talents, support and encourage each other. Self-published, no editing or editors involved. Proper grammar and spelling are optional and frequently phonetic. Blog awards do not require lengthy acceptance speeches that include long lists of people no one has ever heard of.

Why not?
It's free, but everything is subject to change...


  1. Clever: blogging is certainly mutable.

  2. Different people blog for different reasons. Some look for a community to which they can belong; sort of friends without obligations. Some blog to work through personal issues - it is a way to clarify one's thoughts which merely writing in a notebook doesn't do completely since when blogging, however carelessly, one usual feels compelled to marshall one's thoughts coherently. Some blog to get through a time of stress or through a waiting period. Some want to rant and rave and have some weird idea that they can somehow say something which will convert others politically or religiously when nothing else has worked (usually because what they are advocating is not reasonable). Some blog to find validation. Some blog to connect when they are incapacitated. Some want to say, "Hey, I was here!" In any case, it is marginally better than strapping on a dynamite vest and blowing up a neighborhood. Usually.

  3. I was here! And so were you! And that is good!

  4. Welcome. It is a good first post that has comments. I like how you've answered "Why Blog?" However often one writes, it creates a segment of time in which one, it may be hoped, finds it necessary to think, perhaps in the abstract. Not a task for which too many volunteer.

  5. Laoch thank you for being my first commentator. I'm certain the justification will continue to evolve.

  6. dbs, you and your posse apparently ran a very successful marketing campaign. Chanting and petitions, not immune to peer pressure.

    If I start asking for donations soon, it'll be your fault!

    Thanks for showing up. *clap*

  7. Marylinn-and welcome to my mind. If nothing else, it is nice to invite a most gracious and accommodating hostess to my dinner table for a change.

    As you know, thinking and writing happens regardless of an audience. I'm still unclear about why I volunteer to do this.

    Google has kindly left a garbage can next to my comments. How thoughtful.

  8. David, yes, everyone has reasons of their own. Although I prefer the Nobel to the dynamite. And welcome.

    tattytiara, thank you and hello. Cat guardians are most welcome here.

  9. I was clapping too much earlier to actually write a coherent comment.
    Nice thoughts. I completely agree with your points about creativity and talent. We are here to create. I've always believed that.

  10. Wow.. I should get someone to run for president...
    I agree with dbs. I'm always inspired by what I see on here. Sometimes not in a good way but it's always constructive.
    Nice to see you on here :)

  11. Sprite, I was waiting to see how long it would take the EnCHANT!ress to show up. Needed a nudge to join the public domain. In your case it was more like being shoved. Headfirst. :)

    Nice to see you here too.

  12. Oh come on.... 'twas only a gentle foot nudge... :)

  13. Then I don't want to see what happens when it's less than gentle:) You're stronger than you know;)

    Since I don't have to feel guilty about being irrelevant to the post. Some recommendations you may enjoy: Sara Douglass "Wayfarer redemption" series (fellow Aussie, but harsher than Eddings) and Jim Butcher "Dresden files" series. FUNNY. He bribes fairies with Pizza :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. I'm glad you told me why I blog, I was always curious. :-)

    I like the inaugural post and am looking forward to more.

  16. Jono. Ah. You too? :)
    From one professional geek to another, glad to have you.

  17. Going over your page....
    Now I'm multitasking.. I'm just too good... hehe!

  18. Why can't I put your blog on my blogroll? Are your settings interfering with my fun? Dude. You're stifling my creativity.

  19. dbs-Aaaargh! This blog is going to make me go Supernova.

    Google and I are in intense negotiations. This is supposed to encourage creativity, not stifle it.

  20. It certainly made me a sweary-fairy once or twice...

  21. Guys, I think we've created a monster here.

    Kidding. Welcome.

    On point# 7, I've noticed that when you do actually get a life & leave the house is when you find interesting stuff for your blog. Funny that.

  22. "500 million of them. Who don't like their privacy. Minus one."

    How did you know? Oh, or wait, are you the Minus One? If so, then, I'd like to say, that it is at least Minus Two.


  24. @Sprite, sweary fairy? :) That's a new type.

  25. Vinny, look what happened to Doc Frankenstein, when he abandoned his creation. Two words: North Pole!

    Not to worry, just play me some music...

    Agreed, the funniest people are out there. Seriously though. Thanks for making me do this, I think.

  26. Kev D, Congrats for leaving the Antisocial Network and making new friends.

    You work too? I'm coming, I'm coming. Jump.

  27. You don't ever want to see the sweary fairy.

  28. Pleased to meet you, Antares. I've been asking myself the same question of late. Why blog. It becomes something of an addiction with all the pleasures and pain that addictions bring.

  29. Sprite, no. But I think I've met the scary fairy :)

  30. What a lively exchange for a first post. I believe it's going well, regardless of Google glitches. Welcome to Blogger.

  31. Elizabeth, nice to meet you too. Addiction, indeed. I'll be by to visit.

  32. That warning is pretty baller. Gotta love Tyler.

  33. I'm only scary when I'm on a mission.
    ..or if there is no chocolate.

  34. Marylinn, thank you.
    Maybe the reason reveals itself. A comblog perhaps?

    Paulsifer, thought so too. :)

    Sprite, I'll be sure to keep that in mind.:)

  35. EXCITED! I got Jim Butcher. The Dresden Files, and Codex Alera. Loaded on my Ereader ready to go.

  36. Sprite. Excellent! Go with Dresden Files first and a rarity in the business, they get better as they go on.
    You're going to love "Mister" :)


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