Saturday, May 10, 2014

Utopia 101

What would a utopian global community look like?

That is a question I have been asking myself my entire life.  The complexity of such an answer would require a book length discourse and a planet size computer.  Potentially, if the internet continues to evolve, we might have the latter.

One of the benefits of watching animals is to realize that we have been behaving as no more than "just another animal", despite our remarkable ability to envision, build and create.

As a species we are stuck in an endless continuum of immaturity-we build, we acquire, we destroy and abandon those around us. Money continues to be poured into wars and their expensive toys, greed rules many of us and we fight for territories, wealth and status. It is irrelevant whether those social structures are ruled by oligarchs or feudalists or whatever new name we apply to them, the outcome is the same; the majority suffers. In one form or another this has been the case throughout human history.

But. We could evolve. Create new systems, avail ourselves of technology to make our lives less complicated, prevent illness rather than treat it for decades, improve both the quality and quantity of our lives and so on.

One option would be to have a Google like approach to science and innovation.   Private or public companies that would take care of the mundanities of life and allow the thinkers and creators to come up with solutions in a playful think tank type of environment on their own schedule.

This is the type of wishful thinking that has always existed, but it is in many ways the internet and social media that may be used to move us dreamers forward.


  1. My guess is: a lot of robots and very few people.

    1. Asimov's robots or terminators? ;)

      The next plague or natural disaster will sadly take care of a lot of people. We'd need better energy alternatives to run robots.

      Laoch, I'm trying to stay positive.

    2. I except the premise that the day we develop a self aware and sentient AI is the day we become extinct. I think that utopian situations are mostly only possible for very small groups with Asimov like robots to assist with production and labor, strict population control, communal ownership of all things and close to unlimited resources. I am bullish on utopian AI scenarios in the post human era.

    3. The problem with any pseudo-sentient AI is that it would only do what we program it to do, considering our nature that would likely be disastrous. Total control or an awareness of violence. A true AI is highly unlikely in the near future.

      You may be right that it would only work with small communities. I am unclear on your last sentence.......ah!

      You are optimistic about utopia without humans? Nice one. Maybe that's why any other lifeforms have been avoiding visiting us.

  2. I like to tell myself that animals are smarter... The I read about necrophilic penguins (accidental necrophiliacs since they are too stupid and horny to realize the females are dead), the antics of drunk moose (and drunk wasps... and drunk elephants) and pedophilic birds. Then it occurs to me... Maybe this is as good as it gets for us.

    1. Ps. There's a youtube video of an octopus opening a jar from the inside. Very neat.

  3. Vinnnnyyyy!!!!
    What the he.l are you reading???
    Stay away from the weird section of Ytube.

    Sigh. I hope we get some decent Overlords. Eventually something will balance us out.

    1. That... is Mrs C...


      We share a computer & I sometimes I fall asleep & leave my profile up. She's obsessed!

    2. By the way, you meant the conspiracy stuff. Right? If it has anything to do with anime, that's all me.

  4. Huh?
    I'm having a dumb moment.
    There is a penguin conspiracy?

    1. I think I was having the dumb moment. I thought you were talking about my (i.e. my wife's) YouTube activity.

      Nevermind. Pretend I never said anything. Please?

      Anyway, I was referring to Adelie penguins (necrophiles & pedophiles) & Nazca Boobies (pedophiles). Don't even get me started on the weird stuff dolphins are into.

      I learned a lot during my Sprocket days.

  5. This stays between you and me and the entire internet.
    Sometimes knowledge can be disturbing.

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