Friday, December 29, 2017

Alpha male. Alpha female

The term alpha male and female was coined by Lorenz Conrad who studied the behavior of wolves in the 1960s. In wolves, he observed, the alphas protected their pack, were the only ones who mated and led hunts.

The term has been used in recent times to describe humans in leadership positions and those who are most financially successful.  The obvious problem with this analogy is that humans are not wolves and have split from that evolutionary chain millions of years ago.

However the behavior we have witnessed in many self-proclaimed alphas is not how we expect alpha humans to behave but how one would expect scavengers at the bottom to behave. Let's not regress to what we have already evolved beyond.


  1. Even alphas grow old and wear the bottoms of the their trousers rolled.
    P.S. Thanks for that *clap.*

  2. Hello. Just noticed a comment from you in my spam. Sigh. I am well, as well as any of us are. I hope you are too.

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