Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three Months And The Awards Go To:

I have been reading various blogs long before I started commenting.  Then, three months ago, I started a blog.  It proved to be an unexpectedly positive experience, time-consuming, but definitely worth the time, because I met some really outstanding individuals. People, who amaze me with their kindness, creativity, intelligence, humor and generosity.

Good folk, browncoats, fellow bloggers, "band mates" and collaborators.  I would not have named it "followers", but fellowers, because this feels more like a fellowship of bloggers.  Yes, I am talking about you, you support and encourage me and each other and make the time to show up, comment, laugh, share and support. That more than anything else makes blogging worthwhile.

In this first round of award giving, I have to acknowledge those who pushed, coerced, shoved, encouraged me to start a blog.  Without you this blog would not exist, as I had decided quite some time ago that I was not going to start a blog.  I knew that creating a "niche" blog would not hold my interest, and maintaining multiple blogs would be impossible.

I wondered if anyone would continue to read this blog, if they discovered that it would not be a humor, science or art blog, but a (I'm not sure what category this belongs to) blog.  Astonished to discover that yes, no matter where my mind takes me, there you are, regardless of demographics, time-zones and RL. You show up and continue to and for that I am grateful.

For someone who did not think much about social media or connecting with strangers on-line, I found the blogosphere to be an enlightening experience and met bloggers, who I am starting to consider "friends", virtual, but definitely more than "ghosts in the machine".

But enough about me, this is about you, for making me smile, think, laugh, chuckle and ponder. You amaze me through the things you share and create.

The blogosphere rewards our efforts with blog awards and I was recently given the "Cherry on Top" award by Katsidhe. Thank you, Katsidhe. I am paying it forward and back to these bloggers:

The following awards go to (in alphabetical blog order):

1. Paulsifer42 
2. Claire Beynon
3. A little Sprite
4. Vinny C
5. Laoch
6. Jono
7. Kev D
8. Marylinn Kelly
9.Robert the Skeptic
10. dbs

And introducing the Great Commenter Award (holding a stylus is like drawing with an alien):

Thank you all for including me in this shared experience through your comments and blogs.


  1. I like that term "fellowers" :) I agree with you as someone else in your same category of "i'm not really sure".

  2. What a great idea. We're all in this together. :-)

    BTW, I now have a great mental image of you trying to draw with something akin to ET (who is not happy at all). Haha, thanks.

  3. "The Fellowship of the Blog"..."There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow."

    I admire poeple who have the courage to put their words here for all to see.

    Thankyou for the awards Ant. I am glad you were pushed/coerced, decided to start a blog. :)

    And you deserve the awards.

  4. Counting myself among the browncoats, as well as other factions, you do indeed deserve the awards and I thank you so much for your generous nod in my direction. My hobbit heart is at home here, away, one hopes, from desperate danger, among friends and with the band. xo

  5. Sigh! I know. I know. Because of my height & hairy instep, I'm going to end up inside the volcano saving everyone... again.

    A hobbit's work is never done.

    Thanks for the awards, dude!

  6. Vinny you can sacrifice your ASUS to the flames of Mordor..lol!

  7. @Shelby, thanks. I've never liked the term follower, makes it sound like a cult:). Why not readers, subscribers...? The advantage non-niche blogs have is flexibility.

    @Jono, thanks, yes we are:)
    Ha,ha,ha, thanks for that great image; ET really wants to go home NOW!

    @Sprite, maybe social media is not so antisocial after all ;). Like the quote, hobbits and sprites, lets see who else joins this journey.
    You all deserve them, glad you shoved/chanted me into this.;)

  8. Marylinn, it's been said before, how we connect over this "new" network, glad to be part of the band as you coined it. Brave new world. The awards are all yours.:)

    Vinny C, no volcanoes in this mythology, cuz I say so. You're welcome and deserve them, thanks for petitioning me into this.
    Dude, stop hugging me. Ok, fine, just a little hug.

  9. @Sprite, we need to bring Vinny a hammer, what are friends for?
    Oh, sprite, there's cake in cupcake.

  10. I am glad you decided to blog. It is good to have an avenue of expression and a window to a like minded community.

  11. Laoch, I am glad you encouraged me to do so. Agreed, like- and open-minded community.

  12. Kudos to you AC! Most definitely much deserved. And I love your idea about a "fellowship of bloggers" rather than followers. Maybe you should contact Google about that friend connect button? ;)

  13. Kind, creative, intelligent, humorous and generous. That's YOU, not me! But friend, I thank you. *clap*

  14. Jayne, with a y, ;) Thank you, but this post really was about fellow bloggers.
    Like I said, followers always makes me think of cults.:) I have written imaginary letters to Google since I started blogging, might put it up in a post, or not.

    dbs, self-deprecate much? That's YOU,YOU,YOU, there is a strict no refund or return policy on these awards.
    I'm glad you talked me into this, somehow I found the time for some fun.
    You're most welcome, enjoy. Is this a smilestone?

  15. When there's a chantin to be done, I'll be there!

  16. Now I completely understand what this means...

    (holding a stylus is like drawing with an alien):

    I think it's great. Your award, not drawing with an Alien, that would just be weird.

  17. "Fellowers"....YEAH!! I like that better too! :-) Thanks for passing on your award to Alittlesprite, caused she followed through...or is it 'fellowed' through?! LOL...and passed it on to me! Now I've got to keep my eye on both of you!! ^_^


    I hope I'm not just a Ghost in the Machine!

    I've been packing for weeks now and am moving at the end of this week, so I PROMISE I will get back to more regular writing soon, and will acknowledge this lovely award.


  19. Sprite, chanting...Good;)
    Wanted to make some, because I think commenting should be rewarded, without comments, blogging would be really boring.
    The paint program I use is really simple, but can't shade or blend colors.

    @PoetessWug, hello and welcome, congrats on your award. "Fellowed", yes that too :)Thanks for fellowing.

  20. @Vinny,clever. Your ASUS was PRASUS?

    @KevD. Moving? Ugh. Not to worry they'll be here, you deserve them. Looking forward to more Kevinosity.

  21. Sprite, itching to edit the post and the drooowing.:)

  22. I can't imagine reading blogs and not wanting to get your own hands dirty. Glad you couldn't resist the lure either!

  23. Congrats to you and to those who got an award in return! I have to admit that I felt just like you, skeptical of blogging and online "friends," social networking sites, and all that junk - but I was pleasantly surprised at how great this community really is.

    Keep on truckin!

  24. @tattytiara, peer pressure, thanks.

    @Sprite, I know :)We have a new word.

    @Doc Cyn, thanks, me too. Didn't expect it either. Same to you: keep on trucking (and gaming):)

  25. Very well put!
    Your writing is beautiful and your thoughtfulness is charming.
    And yeah, the blogging world is so supportive...who knew, right!
    Congrats on the awards! Justly deserved!

  26. i agree, the word followers doesn't seem to fit. i've never wanted to be a follower in real life, why would i want to start online? i usually refer to them as readers. though, given a bit of time, if the commenting goes both ways, they tend to become friends. funny how that happens, especially once it goes beyond the comment box & into email.

  27. Yes. It's a smilestone. *clap*

  28. @Sandra, thank you. Exactly! Who knew?! Thank you, again, kind of you.

    @SherilinR, completely agree, I view us as readers or subscribers. It's one of those "weird" things;) the term follower just doesn't fit.

    @dbs. Goood! *CLAP* You deserve them!

  29. I've said it before and I'll say it again (maybe not in the exact words): I was first intrigued by the name, then I was fascinated by the picture, but then I stayed for the quality of your writing. Thanks!

  30. Thank you Al, right back at you(r) blog.
    There was a reason that I called it the first round of awards...;)


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