Friday, February 1, 2013

Incredible And Innovative Art

Contemporary art can often be repetitive and unimaginative. Smearing gesso and white paint on a canvas (no matter how skillfully applied), and calling it "The Absence of Something #404" is not terribly innovative. Piling rusting "found objects" onto a modern art gallery floor as a "social commentary on our disposable consumerism...blah blah...yawn...blah blah", is a lazy explanation for re-purposing junk into junk, while making curators and wealthy collectors extremely happy.

Sometimes one has to know where to look to discover that contemporary art is far from dead, but thriving not so quietly around the world.

Reminiscent of old natural art history illustrations, artist Victor Stankovic cloned cephalopods with insects and created a new species on paper. His on-line animated GIF version only adds to the charm.

Cephalopodoptera by Vladimir Stankovic

This is Vladimir Stankovic's series Cephalopodoptera.

Engineer and sculptor Jonty Hurwitz created an innovative new approach to what Dali achieved without the aid of modern technology. The sculptures reveal their true shape in a reflective surface.

Frogs Are Endangered by Jonti Hurwitz
More can be found at

Artist Liu Bolin provides a truly thought-provoking social commentary of a society, where individuals are invisible. His disappearance act uses painstakingly applied paint only.

By Liu Bolin

More of his photographs can be viewed at

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  1. I've had a couple of ideas floating around in my head...I need to let them out. Inspiring post Ant.

  2. The key to finding Liu . . . look for the shoes! :)

    1. @Meg, good art is inspiring. Now I want to create my own species.:)
      @David, it's impressive, isn't it?

  3. the Cephalopodoptera are so pretty. remind me of Trilobites :)
    Love Jonty's relief map "Marriage Table". So very cool
    Favourite Liu, the magazines.

  4. Replies
    1. @Sprite,Very whimsical and colorful.
      Me too. He has a lot of unique creations.
      I think it's his most successful piece.

      @dbs, agreed.

      @VinnyC, thought you'd appreciate it.

  5. Oh, I don't know, I'm kind of an aficionado of the "Monkey Flings Poo" school of art.
    Or a velvet Elvis.
    Those things rock.

  6. Thank you. Fascinating approaches outside the familiar box. The world is so full of a number of things... xo

    1. Marylinn, thank you for stopping by. Indeed it is, but one must sift through dirt to find the gems.
      Hope you and yours are well.


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