Sunday, July 31, 2011


Right people, right place, right time equals one lucky happy humpback whale.

I am always astonished when I encounter people who believe that we are the only mammals that can experience emotions such as joy and exuberance. Watching this video confirms my opinion, what she felt was clearly joy and relief. As did I.

My gratitude to the rescuers for saving a majestic life.


  1. Oh, Ant. What a remarkable and welcome story of triumph and grace. Such magnificent creatures, whales - humpbacks, esp. We had a visit from one just a week or so ago. Sightings around our harbour mouth used to be fairly common, but they are rare these days, so when one comes it's an occasion for reverence and celebration. Thanks for this. C

  2. My one experience with a whale-watching in Nova Scotia make me tremble with awe. This was terrific. Thanks.
    It's also a great metaphor for life's struggles. What nets bind us and who will be there at the right place and right time?

  3. WOW.. lucky whale and lucky people to experience such an awesome moment.
    I am yet to see whales in the wild. I will go whale watching one day (while Hubby ejects his breakfast over the side)....

  4. It feels good to see people going through so much effort to help something/someone else out. Just as nice to be thanked for your efforts by those you've helped.

  5. That was awesome. We live near the ocean on Myrtle Beach and we see dolphins all the time. They play, they teach their babies how to swim, and once there was a dead baby and the mother wouldn't leave it. Now how could you not believe there's no emotion? I watch documentaries all the time and the whales are incredible as far as emotions go. They've majestic and beautiful. And also elephants are extremely full of emotion. Great post! Thanks.

  6. And that is why hubby is in this field. He gets to work with cool people like this. First time I saw this video I was in tears.

  7. I went on a whale watch yesterday and saw a bunch of Humpback Whales closeup... I saw a feeding frenzy and everything!

    SO COOL.

  8. I recently read an article about whether fish feel pain. Why wouldn't they!?!?! They have a nervous system... I think that's it's just common sense to think all animals have emotions, a full range of them. Thank you for sharing the video. I'm going to share it with my husband. The movie The Cove really touched him and now he says he wants to work for the Sea Shepard when he retires from the Navy. I'm not sure I agree with everything they do, but I get where he's coming from.

  9. @Claire, some native cultures still revere them and seeing them is a cause for celebration. I wish everyone would recognize how magnificent they actually are.

    @dbs, yes they are awesome. *clap*
    Profound and true. In this case all it took was 5 determined people and one tiny little knife.

    @Alistair, completely agree.:)

    @My thoughts exactly. I could "feel" the elation of that success.
    You will.
    LOL. Give hubby some ginger and drag him along.

    @Vinny, it's nice to be nice.
    Knowing that their efforts saved a life: priceless.

    @Barb, cetaceans are probably even more intelligent than scientists know. I was stunned when I first read that dolphins have "names" for individuals within their pods.
    Interesting that some of our most intelligent species seem to be matriarchal.

    @Nubian, it is a great field, sometimes I regret not going into it. The vid moved me too, I was cheering with them. What? I'm a geek.

    @Kev. Seriously? That is cool. Where were you?

    @Meg,agreed. Although I don't know whether fish feel emotions they way we do. About mammals I have no doubts. I had a cat that got "depressed" every time I was away. She wouldn't eat or play with anyone who looked after her.
    Haven't watched the documentary. Not going to, just the trailer was enough...I'd be on the Shepard the next day. They are a bit rogue. Unfortunate that it takes breaking the law and civil disobedience to raise awareness.

  10. @Sprite, see above. Why is there no edit function after a comment is published? I mean really, it's like so last century...

  11. I think our stewardship over the planet has generally been terrible. Hopefully the next species which ascends to the top of the food chain after we are gone, will act more responsibly.

  12. I tried to "save" a cat that was stuck up in a tree. was kind of hoping for kitty-cartwheels of gratitude. Instead the damn thing bit me.

  13. On a day of news to be avoided at all cost, this video was actually shown on local tv, including the happy outcome. Sometimes they get it right. :D

  14. LOL... I gathered that was for me.. ;)


  15. @Laoch, possibly, although finite resources have a way of keeping overpopulation in check.

    @Robert, lower your expectations. 'Twas just a scratch.;0

    @Marylinn, always wondered why there is no good news news. Wouldn't that attract viewers?

    @my thoughts, nice to meet you too.:)
    I'm telling you google is paying attention....*ominous music*

  16. A great and joyous moment indeed! That's the best "thank you" dance I have ever seen. Just beautiful.


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