Monday, January 2, 2012

Top 10 Reasons For Posting A Video On My Blog

1. It must be shared because it is humorous or inspiring.
2. I do not have the time or inclination to finish my drafts.
3. Lassitude.
4. I like multimedia.
5. Sometimes videos are better than television.
6. Great filler post.
7. Good reason.
10. And ten.

What better way to celebrate my first post of 2012 than with an amusing commercial?


  1. This Ad is so totally you Ant.. LOL!
    LOVE IT!!!

    Great! Can I get Moby to open his own damned food when he gets his thumbs?

  2. I can sympathise. My blog is 99% video. Happy new year Ant!

  3. @Sprite, I know, right?
    I'm really a cat with thumbs.;)
    He'd eat all day...

    @dbs, :)

  4. Oh wow, I actually laughed out loud at that. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing, Ant.

    And you're right, a good video clip is better than tv at times. Especially when it hits the mark so spot on like this one.

    Cheers! I'm going to watch that again, now . . .

  5. I used to have a polydactyl cat. I now regret not teaching it to snap it's extra toes.

  6. This is why I blog! Up until that commercial I was having a pretty crappy morning. Now I can get on with my day. Thanks.

  7. All fantastic reasons to post a vid -- and quite a funny vid to boot!

  8. Did I upset you? My comment disappeared??

  9. I just got scared of my cat.

  10. @David, it had the same effect on me.
    It's well done and well cast. You're welcome:)

    @Meg, hahaha. Would have been a rhythmic household.

    @Vinny, glad to be of service.
    The "military strategy" cracks me up.

    @DocCyn, it's a good one and beats reality tv.

    @Jono, nooooooo!
    I would never remove a comment from a blogger that I know. Seem to have some issues there.
    Now I am curious, what was the comment?

    @KevD., sometimes I know how you feel, but only rarely.

  11. @Jono, found your comment. Blogger decided that you were a little shady and placed you in *rhymes with ham*. Strange.

    You have a knack for finding gems though.
    Happy New Year to you too.

  12. I loved this! Thanks for sharing.

  13. Well I am a little shady so that's fair. :-)

  14. @Nubian, most welcome.

    @Jono, not dodgy then?;)

    @Laoch, agreed.

  15. This was full of win to begin with, but then I realized that it's Tim Curry doing the narration and it skyrocketed.

  16. @Katsidhe, it's a good one.
    It is him, isn't it? Wasn't certain.

  17. Extreme Lassitude: Posting still pictures. Even better. Teaser: I post a still picture this weekend.

  18. Wonderful ad. It reminds me of Daphne du Maurier's Birds. Imagine an attack of the cats.

    Happy New Year to you Antares. It's not too late for such wishes, I hope.

  19. Hi Elisabeth.

    I liked it too. Was that story not the inspiration for Hitchcock's The Birds?
    One can only hope that they do not develop our organized warlust.

    Thank you. It is never too late for such wishes.
    Happy New Year to you and yours too.


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