Sunday, January 29, 2012

There Is Something Wonderful About Blogging

Several posts about social media were supposed to precede this one. Then life happened. In hindsight, if I could have predicted certain events, 2011 would have been one of the worst years to start a blog. A year later, I am somewhat surprised that this blog is still here.

Blogs are (as we all know) time-consuming. Everyone blogs for their own personal reasons, I can only write about my own experience as a "hobby blogger". Blogging does not offer the same relaxation or benefits that some of my other hobbies or passions do. In my case, painting, reading and writing. They are mostly solitary activities and are not intended to be shared. I do not sketch or write into my journals thinking about submission or publication. They simply offer a diversion and the enjoyment of creating something for myself.

Blogging is different. It is meant to be shared. Publicly.

Blogging was not on my list of "things to do". It seemed like a huge waste of time; I am not promoting anything, I was not looking for on-line friends nor am I one of the digital natives, who is willing to trade privacy for social media.

I was aware of the stats related to compensation through blogging. Less than 10% of bloggers earn any remotely significant revenue through their blogs. An even smaller percentage are able to rely on blogging for their full-time income and those are usually tech bloggers. The only way I was going to join the blogosphere (beyond commenting) is to treat it as a new hobby and have fun.

Personally, the most challenging part was that the posts that I had planned to write took too much time and I had to get used to the idea that I was publishing unfinished and unedited posts. In the absence of time, I frequently thought of returning to commenting, but instead posted cat videos. *Ahem*. No one told me blogging was going to be addictive.

I think that it goes beyond having fun and reading shared experiences. I have heard the term "social evolution" being applied to our new digital age.  We are communicating across all boundaries, forming friendships with people whom we will probably never meet, but that are no less genuine. (For a recent post on virtual friendships see Vinny C.) This particular aspect of social media breaks all demographic barriers.

Our backgrounds, place of origin, age-groups, gender and/or level of education are virtually irrelevant. It is our thoughts, opinions and writing that matter. Within moments any of us is in the company of writers, thinkers, artists, poets, scientists, humorists etc. as suits our needs and schedules. There is an unspoken mutual respect for acknowledging individual copyright or ideas. In this particular community, I have yet to encounter the lack of tolerance for diverging opinions that I sometimes come across in other social media platforms. If this is social evolution, I want to be an active participant.

Thank you for visiting. Nice to meet you all.
And zere ya go.


  1. I have come to the same conclusion. I started blogging because someone suggested it to me and I thought I would try it. It soon became a chore as I struggled to come up with things to write, but I eventually relaxed and just began to enjoy it. Now I love blogging, even if it never makes any money.

  2. See? That's why I call this "The Thinking Man's Blog." Or woman.
    This whole experience is pretty exciting especially in that I get to reach out to folks all over the world. In fact, I was talking about my blog to someone at work this past week. She was amazed that I maintain a blogging relationship with someone in Australia. Now there's the global community for you. Given what you say about a tolerance here that you sometimes don't find in real life, I can hope to dream that there's hope for us all. Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to return to 'Penwasser Place' to make some penis jokes. Not everyone can be a thinking, intelligent soul.

  3. Yes, somewhat along the same lines, I'm forever amazed by the fact that most of my online friends--met through blogging, message boards, and social media--are folks I might never have thought twice about striking up a conversation with had we crossed paths in the non-virtual world. But through words and shared experiences, we form these bonds of friendship so much more easily than we would on sight alone, no? I believe so!

    The anonymity of the Internet allows one to see past the surface and get straight to the heart of a person. In this new age, we become as kin to those of like mind despite age, gender, nationality, culture, politics, and religious views.

    In a word: Fascinating!

  4. Oh, cripe, I meant to write: Or "Thinking Woman's Blog." NOT "Thinking Man's Woman." When you tend to look at things for their comic potential, you tend to look at things...for their comic potential.
    It's things like this why I'll never make money writing.

  5. In the end we are social animals, so it is of great value to find kindred souls.

  6. I find a certain joy in whispering to the world and then wow, the world whispers back.
    Thanks for being an integral part of that.

  7. I started blogging, thinking, "how hard can it be?" HA! I've gone back and forth over continuing to blog, but I do enjoy the people I've come across in the blogging world. Antares, whether you write something meaningful and though provoking or you choose to post a video about cats, I always enjoy your blog. I'm glad you've stuck with it.

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  9. Like you I kind of fell into this blogging malarky. I'd been made redundant and suddenly had lots of solo time on my hands. Honestly - I never expected it to last or to build relationships with people all over the world.

    Like you I'm often astounded just how generous bloggers are - and how consistent some are at maintaining contact over years. I think that's amazing considering it's people who will probably never meet.

    I've met and maintain friendships with three of my blogging pals from Scotland and one local to me has become a particularly good pal - another unexpected and welcome benefit of blogging.

    Nice one AC and very thought provoking.

    {But three years in I still haven't mastered spellcheck before hitting 'publish'}

  10. Well said! You know I'm in agreement. Now aren't you glad Sprite did her magical fairy chants a year ago?

    P.S. Happy 1st year on the blogosphere to you.

  11. @Brett, I think that is the right approach while balancing the responsibilities of life, just enjoy it.

    @Al, I know exactly what you mean. It is pretty incredible that we connect across continents.
    Gives one hope for humanity.
    We can all use those jokes.
    False modesty Al, just sayin' ;)

    @Al,lol, thinking man's women are very important to the survival of our species.

    @David, exactly. We couldn't know what a person is thinking just by looking at them.
    It's quite amazing though to find them here.

    @Laoch, agreed. But I think this way of communicating goes beyond kindred souls.

    "the world whispers back"=awesome.
    Here we go again. No. Thank you for talking me into this.

    @Meg, thank you. I appreciate it.
    I don't think there are any rules to how often we need to post. Hope you keep blogging and putting those deleted posts back.

    @Alistair, I think the experience of unexpected is similar for many of us.

    It's nice to hear that you got a chance to meet them in RL. I didn't expect the generosity or simply meeting good folk.

    If laws don't shut us down, I think what we're seeing here is the development of something completely new.

    I have given up on grammar, when it comes to commenting. They need to give us an edit after hitting publish option.

  12. @Vinny, I haven't forgotten the petition, buddy. *rubs hands*

    All that parallel thinking...what are you up to?

    P.S. Thank you.

  13. Me? Up to something? Why, whatever do you mean?

  14. ME? CHANTING?...
    lol.. I think it was more a virtual subtle push from behind.. (laughs manically)

    Glad you stuck around ;)

  15. "Our backgrounds, place of origin, age-groups, gender and/or level of education are virtually irrelevant. It is our thoughts, opinions and writing that matter."

    Exactly. I started my blog as a form of discipline for my writing. But it's become so much more. I hadn't anticipated building relationships through blogging, I wasn't even sure what the "Follow" buttons were all about. It's the icing the cake, though, to be able to share, and converse, through our blogs.

    Very well said Antares. :)

  16. Late to the party as usual. Blogging is easy, it's keeping up to date with all the great blogs out there that I struggle with. But just to say yours is still a "must read" and I'm also glad you're sticking with it.

  17. @Vinny, I'm on to you. With your mind control and grackle army...
    *puts on aluminum hat*

    @Sprite, subtle? SUBTLE????
    Glad I stuck around too.;)

    @Jayne, thank you. Who knew, right? Wish I had more time to engage in discussions and conversations. Most of the time I "just" read.

    @Jono, no deadlines at this party.
    I know what you mean, as rude as it may be, I've given up trying to keep up.
    Thank you, I'm honored. Same with yours, you find the most incredible things.

  18. YES dear Antiouse.. I seemeth to recall it 'twas nought but a genteel foot nudging..

  19. @Spriterausorus,
    Me thinks I have a blog-sized bruise on my back.

    WV: "fingie". Like thingy, but with a lisp.;)

  20. BAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!! that's so funny :)


  21. Roar?
    What if Dinosaurs squeaked or honked?

  22. Or hissed.:)
    ...or chirped.

    Or quacked. The Quackosaurus rex was one of the most fearsome...

    I'm laughing at my own joke. It's Friday.:)

  23. Came over from Laoch's blog. Read this post with interest and really admire that you write just for yourself. I am a writer and am no longer certain publication is what I really want.

    Enjoyed your thoughts.

  24. Hello Suze,
    I write for myself in journals, which are not for public consumption. The blog, I suppose, could be viewed as writing for others.

    It's a tough industry, I'm certain that you'll get over the "block", if that is what it is.

    Thank you for visiting.


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