Saturday, March 17, 2012

Things I Learned As An Adult.


Everything should be as simple as possible,
but not simpler.
Albert Einstein

1. Keys need a home.

2. Always purchase black socks. This way the Ankle Crossing Syndrome is easily avoided in professional environments.

3. If a conversation starts with "Is this Atnaros Caryptos?" it will likely end there.

4. A smile goes a long way.

5. Geeks have an advantage. Being called weird is a compliment. Embrace it.

6. Nourish the inner child. It is good for your health.

7. Play nice. Failing that, get some art supplies.

8. Multiple minds are better than one. Share.

9. Sometimes one needs to say yes. Sometimes one needs to say no.
It is important to know the difference.

10. Listen to your own advice.


  1. All simple advice, but very true.

  2. I agree so much . . . keys DO need a home! I purchased mine a duplex with two-car garage and a tidy little pool out back.

  3. Very good list. My husband was frustrated the other morning because he couldn't find matching black socks. He wears combat boots with his uniform pants tucked into them. When I asked him why it mattered, he gave me a look that said he hadn't considered that.

  4. 11. You can NEVER have too many journals.

  5. When you fart...blame the dog.

  6. I've had to pare my philosophy down to one rule: "When you come to a fork in the road, take it." ~ Yogi Berra

  7. And - 'you're not wrong, but you're not as right as me'

  8. All I can add is that when you have reached rock bottom, the only way is up!

  9. I think my inner child may be getting overweight.

  10. All very sound, wise without scolding (my least favorite thing). To the 'never too many journals,' must be added, 'never too many pens.'

    Off topic, have you seen a BBC comedy series called I.T. CROWD? There are 4 seasons of 6 episodes each and, if you haven't seen it, I think you might enjoy it. We laugh so hard I expect the neighbors to check on our health/sanity.

  11. @Brett, the simple things usually are.

    @David, lol. Mine appear to be living in their own castle.

    @Meg, *grins*. Yes, sometimes we all miss the obvious.

    @Sprite, so very true. Collecting them is important for future generations.;)

    @Al, provided that there is a dog in the vicinity.

    @Robert, the simple truth, although which one to take?

    @Laoch, agreed. Occams razor is highly under-appreciated.

    @Alistair, yes, she is.

    @Jono, good quote, but there is always magma at the core.;)

    @dbs, agreed, but often forgotten.

    @Vinny, the oral phase of childhood does include playing with toys and crayolas.
    I am pretending that this was a deep thought.

    @Marylinn, always believed positive reinforcement is more useful than scolding.
    In agreement about pens and the tactile thoughts and musings they contain.
    How could I forget to add books to that list? *hangs head in shame*

    No, I will definitely seek it out. Your recommendations never disappoint. Have you watched Rango? If not, please do. Humorous and existential at the same time.:)

  12. I completely agree with the inner child thing. I'm at a point where I can be particularly immature, but I hope that I'll always be rather "childish".

  13. I keep saying the same thing--keys need a home!! Love this very adult list, Antares. :)

  14. I agree with Marylinn, I.T. Crowd is very funny.
    A nice little British comedy :)

    WV: offpa aketworm
    Off Packet Worm?

    ...smelly ;)

  15. I just farted. And yelled at the dog. He looked confused. And then he licked himself.
    Wish I could do that.

  16. @Kat, we need a team. Geeky childish adults?
    As long as we meet our responsibilities, goofyness should be encouraged.

    @Jayne, so why, dear Jayne, do I not put them back in their home? ;)
    Things haven't changed much since kindergarten have they?

    @Sprite, alright, alright I'll watch it.:)

  17. @Al, if only life were that simple.;)

  18. Love the list. Will revisit this often.


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