Sunday, March 4, 2012

Today Is A Celebration

A seemingly random collection of videos.

Interspecies friendships between two fish connoisseurs:

If only our diplomatic relations were that endearing.

An amusing commercial:

That ought to take care of that sparkly fanger Eduardo. For good. Drrakoola iz not happy.

Something about Hayao Miyazaki's borrowers over here

What is the underlying theme of all of these videos, you may wonder? That would be Sprite's birthday, a hilarious and talented fellow blogger. You can send her your best wishes at A little Sprite.


Sprite, hope you have a wonderful birthday celebration with copious amounts of cake and chocolate. And journals. And books. And art supplies.


  1. I love that cat/dolphin video. I'm surprised the cat was spooked away.

  2. Great videos. Happy Birthday to Sprite as well!

  3. I DO love it! thank you so much Ant.
    first video.. can you say awwww? Though secretly I think the cat was thinking "mmm...fiiiissssh flavoured..."
    second video.. laughed out loud when that vamp popped up from behind the log and went POOF!
    So want to see that movie :)
    Thank you! (HUGS!)

  4. OMG, I absolutely *love* the first video. Thunder the Tabby Cat looks just like my Tiger kitty! :)

    And I saw the second video during this year's Super Bowl. Since forgot about it, but it is pretty nifty! I would pay good money to see this happen to the Twilights. *grins evily*

    And, whoa! Did I miss something? HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear friend Sprite!!!!

  5. The cat and dolphin video is cute. If only the Audi was defense against the Edwards and Bella's of the vampire world... Happy Birthday Sprite!

  6. Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone :)

  7. @Brett, I think the cat is quite used to them.

    @Barb, they are fun aren't they.

    @dbs, I think so too.

    @Sprite, hey birthday girl.:)
    Thought so too. Cat: "Pet me. Get back here. Go catch me a fish".
    LOL. *sparks*
    I know, me too.
    You're most welcome, hope you had a good day.

    @David, I know what you mean. Incredible how the cat is seeking out the dolphins.

    lol, sparkle then the sparks start flying. Clever vid.

    @Meg, until then rest assured that it has powerful headlights.;)

  8. Cats and dolphins, communing together in peace??!! Surely these are the Endtimes.

  9. Agreed, Monday ended, but shall return next week.


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