Saturday, May 12, 2012

Climate Change: When Scientists Rap And Swear In Public.

This video has been up for exactly one year. It did not go viral. Comments were disabled due to considerable (ignorant) backlash.

The climate has changed. It is too late to reverse the effects, but there are solutions.

This is the extended NSFW version. There is a clean one. Share. Pass it on. 

Our Planet. Our Future.


  1. Love it.
    It's real mofos.. word. YO!

  2. This is hilarious. Though I find it funny that they use gravity, a force that exists, but that's cause we cannot figure out, as the scientific principle likened to climate change.

  3. We just had an election in Alberta. One of the candidates questioned climate change. She was booed off the stage but still managed to become leader of the opposition. The moral of this story is we are doomed. Sigh.

  4. I find it seriously disturbing that so many people deny climate change is real. Grim truth aside, this video is hilarious!

  5. @Laoch, yes.
    A good approach to frustration.

    @Sprite, me too.
    Yo!Yo!Yo! Scientists in da house.

    @Paul, thought so too. Yup we have a sense of humor. Who knew;)
    Geek alert: Gravity is a word, but remains a theory that has yet to be disproven.

    @dbs, but is it significant?
    Seems like the interests to do nothing about it go much higher.

    @Vinny, too many watch television rather than experiencing the weather.
    And catchy. Liked it too.

  6. Cool, you FINALLY found a way for me to embrace Rap (or is it HipHop...?)

  7. The scientist/hero/rapper. What's not to love? Say it any way you must. Say it loud and often. Just because people don't listen doesn't mean it's not true. Thank you for this. I would not have found it.

  8. @Robert, rapping to hip hop?
    At least the lyrics encourage singing an important message.
    Cannot say the same about most rap songs.

    I had a feeling you would appreciate this.;)

    @Marylinn, I completely agree.
    There is an increasing sense of anger and frustration among scientists, who are being silenced for their concerned messages.
    In my humble opinion, this vid should have gone viral, but did not.


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