Saturday, May 19, 2012

I Know It Is Time For A Blogging Break, When...

1. I post lists.
2. I ran out of cat videos and am considering replacing them with dog videos.
3. I procrastinate by trying to catch a moth in a cup, because it has only 1 day to find a mate.
4. Time is infinite, life is not.
5. My other hobbies have been sending me complaint letters for being neglected.
6. I have written about being overworked. Most boring information. EVER.
7. The can opener is back in the fridge. Why am I in the kitchen again?
8. I stll have not passed on the awards that I was kindly given months ago. *Cough* They are still on my To Do list.
9. My posts are written in email style.
10. I perpetually apologize for not being able to catch up with your blogs. *Hangs head in shame*
11. I miss blogging already.

I believe that I have just managed to write the most boring post in the history of Blogger, so here is an image of a T-shirt that reflects the amazing and talented people I have met in the blogosphere.

Image by

Update: Click on the image to enlarge. Thought the idea was so clever, I need to buy one. T-shirt that is.

Wish you all a great summer/winter and good writing thoughts. Stay healthy and fresh. Live long and prosper. Don't forget to feed the animals. Water the dog. Plant the cats. Watch the grass grow. Buy toothpaste.
Feel free to stop by and leave a message. I will see you soon.


  1. You tried to catch a moth in a cup. Did you succeed?
    Trust me, there are more boring posts out there.
    And frightening.
    Did you catch the one of me in my skivvies?
    I'll take boring anyday.

  2. Hopefully your summer will be filled with rejuvenated goodness.

  3. In my experience, being able to post what you want, when you want, without the pressure of feeling like you *have* to is often the best inspiration to keep going. That being said, you have a great summer/winter too and enjoy the rest, though I hope to see you around again soon (no pressure).

    In the meantime, I'll go look for that "most boring post in the history of Blogger" you mentioned. I think I must have missed it ;)

  4. You've read my blog, right? I mean, when I take the time to write one... Recently, I was told lists were good things. Every time I sit down to write one, I completely forget what I wanted to put on it. I admire people that make them and follow them. I hope you enjoy your summer and selfishly hope you're back to blogging before winter. Take care Antares.

  5. @Al, yes I did, but I had the advantage. It was daytime.
    There are more boring posts out there, on twitter.
    I did, an image that will haunt me for the rest of my life. JK.
    Boring can be good.

    @Laoch, one can only hope. Thank you.

    @Vinny, aaaawww you are too kind. Depending how things are progressing. I notice when people disappear thought I would prevent that.
    No pressure, but I am officially a blogging addict, cuz that's what geeks do, man. Word.

    @Meg, touche, lists are good things.:)
    Plan to be back before the winter, but one has to take those who live down under into consideration.
    Thank you, you too. Good luck with the big move.

  6. You've been away?

    Jings - been so busy I never noticed!

    See you soon hopefully.......

  7. I've discovered that it's a LOT of work to both regularly read and comment on other's blogs ... almost as much work as it is to research, compose, edit and write one.

    I recall hearing Carly Simon at a concert once time remark: "You know, nobody ever yelled out at van Gogh 'hey, paint A Starry Night again, man'".

  8. I'm missing you already.

  9. Stop buying toothpaste already ;)
    We will be here when you get back.

  10. "Why am I in the kitchen again?" Ha! I ask myself that all the time. And I hear you, Antares. A break does the soul (and the neglected hobbies) good. Keeping short summer month hours myself.

    Enjoy your time away. :)

  11. I totally understand; the blogging wall hits all of us at various times. Sometimes there are just more important things to be tending to. No worries! Just try not to be gone TOO long -- we'll miss ya!


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