Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sleepy Typing

I have recently been invited to the Overworked VIP Club, which unfortunately means that I will be unable to enjoy everything that the blogosphere has to offer.

It seems strange that at a time when sleep would be beneficial, my brain has chosen to experience the novelty of insomnia. As we all know; in life we have to try everything at least once.

Me: Alright. Bed-time.
Mind: No.
Me: I am going to be tried tired tomorrow. Sleep!
Mind: Nope. 
Me: Why not?
Mind: Mind over mattress.
Me: Is there something on your mind, Mind?
Mind: Deadlines, projects, stuff.
Me: If you let me sleep, I'll get everything done.
Mind: Let's do something fun.
Me: Let's not. How about dreadful late night television?
Mind: Whaaat?!? No.No.No...That's not fair....Zzzzzz.

I do not know why anyone needs a zombiepocalypse. Why not just call it Friday?


  1. I had three nights this past week in which I had 3 hours of sleep, or less. I can fall asleep just fine most nights. It's the waking up at 2 or 3 in the morning and thinking about everything that needs to get done that really wakes me up. Then I don't feel like doing anything that I need to. It's a vicious cycle. Hope it doesn't last long for you.

  2. Welcome to the Insomnia Club. Your welcome pack will arrive in the mail shortly.

  3. @Meg, hope it doesn't last long either. Somewhat aggravating.
    Trying to exercise more.

    @Sprite. Hello, my name is Antares and I am cranky.
    What's in the welcome pack? Games?
    I like games.

    @Alistair, I know you know.
    Misery? Nah. It's awesome.
    There are so many things I am not getting done with the extra time.

  4. Robert ringer once said, "If you keep your nose to the grindstone and work long, hard hours, you’re guaranteed to get one thing in return: Old."

  5. Insomnia unravels my sanity sometimes too. Melatonin?

  6. @Laoch, :)
    No one escapes the inevitable.

    @dbs, I'm a noob at this, but it does do strange things to your mind.
    Trying the exercise route first.

  7. Oh there are gift cards.
    *50% off sleep.
    *Buy one sleepless night get another free.
    *Take a further 20% off one sleepless night.
    *Buy two sleepless nights, get a free set of blood shot eyeballs.

  8. Try and find just a little time to relax man! A good scotch helps. Also, that picture if f'n cute -- I can say that and still be secure in my manhood.

  9. @DocCyn, ya think?
    Talk to my brain.
    Yes, cats and kittens require constant vigilance to raise testosterone levels back to normal.


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