Thursday, July 5, 2012

Breaking Summer News

We briefly interrupt the blogging break for these important summer brained thoughts:

The summer reading project was abandoned on page 20.

One brushstroke was successfully completed.

Careful observation of a sparrow chirping on a branch is a valuable use of my time.

Either found enlightenment or got severely sunburned while hypnotized by the tides playing with seaweed.

Local farmer is missing some of his crop....Sorry???

Have joined the collective consciousness with brilliant obvious statements. "It is hot." Yes. It is. The leaves are green. The sun is bright. The night is dark....

My thumbs are too big for barbie sized keyboards. How is everyone?

There is a tractor heading my way. Gotta run.

Pssst.*whispers* You didn't see me. I wasn't actually here. Stay cool.


  1. My obligatory obvious statement is as follows: the future is unpredictable (but I'm glad you're baaaaaaaaaaack).

  2. I was just thinking about you! I made it to Japan on Sunday and brought the warm weather from Guam with me. I haven't had a chance to get out and take pictures yet, but hope to soon. Which means, sometime this year, I may update my own blog.

  3. Well hello there......

    Welcome back. Wherever you are or have been - it's not Scotland.

    The weather is hot. Aye right. We're almost halfway through a {for once} accurate forecast of a months rain in two days.



  4. Little too much food coloring in your juice? Seems as though you and I are back in the bloggy world... Nice to see friendly faces.

  5. In responding to Laoch's comment on my blog about brain plasticity, I thought...Antares, where is Antares? Time with its tricky fluidity strikes again. Hello, happy summer well along. Happy Sunday night Mars explorer landing. I bring greetings (which I'm sure they would send) from DR. WHO and the TORCHWOOD crowd, our nightly summer viewing. Wishing you well. :)

  6. And guess who shows up late to the party...

    Just curious. What "crop" are we talking about exactly here?


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