Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Dear Blogger: Powered By Google, Powered By Bloggers. Part 1.

I thought I should address the recent changes you have made. We need to have a little chat. Please step into my office.

1. I preferred the old word verification system. It created fun, imaginary words that we could comment on. The new verification system requires a thorough knowledge of cryptography, hieroglyphs and the evolutionary benefits of compound eyes. I cannot tell whether I am looking at an "i" with serious stomach cramps or a zombified "8". Nor do I want to squint at images of people's house numbers.
2. I do not have time for this.
3. Neither does anyone else.
4. You have taken the FUN out of commenting, which is how we communicate.
5. The new dashboard is not "streamlined" as you claim. It looks like email dating back to the 80s.
6. I miss my horizontal tabs; they were efficient. Now I have to click 3 times instead of once. Then I forget why I signed in to begin with.
7. This takes the FUN out of procrastinating.
8. Which makes me angry. 
9. Do you know what happens when I get ANGRY????

Jean Paul Sartre

10. I read a book. Made out of paper. With cats.


  1. No kidding, the last few times I've used word verification, I've had to try at least 3 times before my comment will post. I'm still pretty clueless when it comes to blogging as it is. It's easier to access my bank account.

  2. I am in total agreement. It seems like now I get more comments from spammers than anyone else.

    1. Hi Kelly, either their new program is broken into, or it is all about the advertising. Problem for you is that you have a big readership, so you're more likely to be "found" through bots.
      I don't have time for moderation, otherwise I would take it off.

  3. Stands and applauds............


  4. I don't use a word verification system, and yet oddly I get zero spam. Not that it would matter if I did, since I can easily monitor everything under the "comments" tab.

    As for the changes to the interface, I just roll with them. Over time, I've forgotten what the old system used to look like.

  5. Neither do I, but that is because we have small blogs and geeky topics that aren't as targeted.

    Newer isn't always better. The old one was faster and made visual sense.

  6. I would like to see the cat read the book to you.

  7. Would a cat lick it's paw to change the page?


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