Saturday, October 27, 2012

Russian Cats Are Evolving

It is no secret, at least in the blogosphere, that I peruse cat videos. During my recent cat video travels I noticed something, because I am strange and notice patterns in trivial things.

Russian cats appear to be evolving at a rapid rate.

In America, cats sleep in sinks. In Japan, Maru entertains by reposing in boxes.  But in Russia, cats are washing dishes.

Exhibit One: Cat washes dishes.

Meanwhile, Flirt, our resident lovable calico moron, (trust me on this, she is as affectionate as she is stupid), spends 20 minutes trying to pull a door open that needs to be pushed. I have been forced to endure her desperate struggles for years. She still has not figured it out. In America, many videos show cute kittens that are still playing with round objects. But in Russia, cats have begun imitating human behavior and are feeding themselves.

Exhibit Two: Cat holding human container with food.

Conclusion: The Russian cats are going to invade us. Nobody will see it coming. You have been warned. Do not worry; I am training a highly effective cat army to defend our scented absorbent kitty litter by... *plaintive meowing*

...hang on. One of our cat soldiers is stuck behind the couch. Again. Walking backwards does not occur to her. Rescue team has been deployed.


  1. Maybe I should deploy the stray that's been living under our house. For the past few months, she's managed to evade the neighbors & their two small dogs, while coming & going regularly, finding her own food (apparently she doesn't have an interest in the mice) & raising a family of kittens.

    She could be good for covert missions.

    1. Dear Applicant,
      We have accepted your application to join the secretive cat army.
      Your references are impressive.
      Your code name is: "Stray".

    2. maybe the transient kitty could be a freelance. A hired hitcat.

    3. I sent her over, but she came back this morning. By the way, are you missing some food from your fridge..? And a watch?


    4. And some socks, a bottle cap and string...what time is it?

  2. Our Jess is a dab hand at opening doors. I wish she'd learn to shut them behind her. The house is full of open rooms!

    1. :)
      I wish mine would comprehend that there are doors. She tries to dig underneath them. Maybe she was a mole in a previous life.

  3. Replies
    1. One should be so lucky to be ruled by them.

  4. Google Russian Circus Cats.

  5. sure she washes dishes, but do they have that dishwasher shine at the end?

    video two: what's Russian for "Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom..."?

  6. Ant, I haven't laughed so hard in ages. I needed this! Thank you ; )


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