Friday, February 18, 2011

Ambushed by Vinny C of "As Vinny C's It"

I was minding my own business, contemplating the number 42 and the perception of time as a completely self-limiting construct of the human mind, when I noticed a mysterious message from Vinny C:

"Hmmm...I seem to have something of yours."

What did I leave behind? Keys? Wallet? SPELLING ERRORS??!!?? Did he take something? 
If you must know, As Vinny C's It:

He prematurely graciously gave me this:

Since the Count triggers a conditioned response of obsessive counting and list making, as well as the urge to count my thoughts:

1. Too soon! I thought I had more time. I DON'T WANT TO DIE YOUNG!
2. Display spontaneity by accidentally closing window.
3. Go back. Scope out the situation. Do some recon.
4. Ok. He said some really nice things...
5. No strings attached. This is not one of those "send immediately to 100 bloggers", or else nothing will happen, cause who is counting?!
6. He said some really nice things...
7. Just thank him. You can do this.
8. Answer a simple question.
9. "Do your witty (questionable) answers pop instantly into your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?"
10. Spontaneous.
10.1 What? Not enough? Fiiiiiine: The allegedly witty comments that I leave behind, are usually my first spontaneous reaction to a post.  At times I sound like I am pre-teen (Good Times!) and hit submit before I get the chance to change my mind, because I need to click on things. 
11. Did the Count ever count past 10?
12. Where was I?
13. He said some really nice things...
14. Thank you, Vinny C! YOU SUCK TOO!



  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I'm the first one here? Ready, set, diablogue!

  3. YAY for Vinny! He is now my hero.
    Spontaneous hey? So thats why some of your comments leave me a little perplexed for a while.

  4. "The perception of time as a completely self-limiting construct of the human mind," is something I often think about. The conclusions that such a thought leads to are disturbing however.

  5. To all:
    Right after posting, I looked at some blogs and managed to get a very clever computer malady that turned my wallpaper into a warning sign with a thick eastern European accent. Annoyed and impressed at the same time; it even had a sense of humor.
    "Spaseba and Dosvedanya!"

  6. dbs-I just made myself laugh.
    I meant glad you changed your ming/(mind).
    Spelling errors are fun when you leave them alone.
    It's going to be a great night. :)

  7. Sprite, agreed, he's my hero too.
    Not to worry, I perplex myself all the time.

  8. Laoch, I'm sure there's an evolutionary reason for not perceiving non-linearity.
    Or a pragmatic one, I'd never get anywhere "on" time. :)
    Why disturbing?

  9. I say, Congratulations. He DID say some really nice, and true, things. To be recognized for spontaneous wit is no small honor. Well played, Sir. Well played.

  10. Marylinn, thank you for your generous words, as always. There has been some embarrassed shuffling of feet lately.
    Since I know you already like the count would you accept this good-natured, yet sincere form of frivolity?

  11. What does it mean when the tip of your finger is all tingly and weird? Random, but I was wondering...
    *flutters away*

  12. Вы и до свидания. Seriously, if your computer is going to insult you in Russian, at least it should use "и" rather than "and".

  13. Gaelic Wife, they tried very hard to warn me in English, didn't write what it actually said, although so tempted, because I did not want it to come up in any searches.

    Thank you and goodbye is what I told them once I figured out what it was. :)

    Cyrillic, I'm impressed.

  14. You forgot to mention that I said some really nice things... Oh wait. Never mind.

  15. PS: My WV was "candu". I feel somewhat motivated by that.

  16. A-C, Thank you. While I question the presence humor in my comments, I happily accept the frivolity, which I will display in a post, as you have, for that is what would be most comfortable to me, rather than having it as a permanent addition. Thank you for the acknowledgment. And of course The Count is always welcome, as are any of his Muppet friends.

  17. Tventy vone! Tventy Vone comments - muah ha ha ha ha!

  18. @Vinny yes you can do a lot. :) Look what you and your accomplices made me do: start a blog.
    Thanks buddy.

    @tattytiara-LOL. Good one.

  19. Marylinn, I'm so glad you accepted the Count, I shall present it properly, as the blogosphere requires ;)

  20. Because it lends credence to the idea that one's choices do not matter.

  21. Laoch, they may in an alternate or multiverse.
    Non-linearity does not exclude indeterminacy.

  22. Yes, I understand that intellectually, just not always emotionally.


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