Monday, February 28, 2011

Il Gatto Nero

Thumbs up or down?

If Emperor Nero develops his polydactyly into opposable thumbs, we're all in trouble.


  1. Is he deciding the fate of a captured mouse?

  2. Those claws could be deceptive, gladiatorial almost. I wouldn't want to cross him.

  3. Something about this creature reminds me of the film Let Me In. I hope those people have good health coverage.

  4. @Al, I suspect he's deciding the fate of humankind.

    @Elisabeth, paws are deceptively small.

    @dbs, he's already been invited in.

    BTW, I liked the original Swedish version.

  5. Tatty, I know. Made me smile and *blink* back.

  6. So cute :) I love kitty videos =^..^=

  7. I hear now that since he became a YTube celebrity he's learned to show people another, less polite, paw gesture altogether. Especially when the cat food isn't to his liking.

  8. Vinny, he's been picking up sign language very quickly. Human slavery is on his agenda...

  9. He'd make a great companion cat.

  10. Sprite, here's what I remember replying:
    "I know, cute cat videos make my day".

    But it didn't post! *swears*.

    Imagine, asking "Jimmy" any question and he gives you the thumbs up. :)

  11. Sprite, see, you're getting another one. What do you think of the book?

  12. *shakes fist at blogger* "damn you!"

    Exploding hearts only two pages in. Im hooked! BAHAHAHAA!

    I love the talking kitty videos on youtube. I watched all of them back to back one day LOL..
    That cat cracks me up.

  13. Enjoyed the touch of the dog-patterned pillow behind the opinionated feline. Quite a sleek fellow, does command respect. But you're right, once he can open jars, or doors, without help, we're in for it.

  14. Marylinn, an artist's eye never stops "seeing", does it? :) Noticed the lounging on dogs too.

    "Even the smallest kitten is a masterpiece"
    (Da Vinvi)

  15. WEEEEE...!!!! I'M SO EXCITED!! (got some good news)
    I'm so happy I'm PAINTING!!


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