Thursday, February 24, 2011

Message of Links

Thank you for visiting Antares Cryptos. Antares Cryptos is currently unavailable.

If you know the extension of the location you wish to reach, please enter it elsewhere. 

For directions on how to reach Antares, please enter Extension 301.

If you need to look at some pictures, please enter Extension 332.

If you require some musical intervention while considering your choices please enter Extension 555.

If you need some urgent book recommendations, please enter Extension 227.

If you would like to leave Antares Cryptos a message, please leave a Comment in the box.

And once again, thank you for visiting Antares Cryptos. We value your traffic.


  1. This experience was very uh, surreal but the persistence of time means I cannot linger. Later.
    P.S. You know that sprite is going to say something about those ants don't you?!

  2. There is always urgency where books are concerned.

  3. It's like seeing a phone message, a visual prompt. Thanks, Antares,

  4. dbs, I know, life and time can be surreal.
    Sprite is unpredictable ;)

  5. Laoch, agreed. Putting together a list of my favorites is taking a little longer than anticipated.
    There are too many. :)

  6. Elisabeth, you're most welcome.
    An odd collection of things that make me smile.

  7. Nice to see what connects to Antares...I am a fool for photos of the cosmos. General silliness - what a surprise. My son has been to the Tate Modern and declared its bookstore to be the best anywhere (though he has not been to Shakespeare & Co. in Paris). That you are even undertaking the list of favorite books is admirable.

  8. Nice Dali.
    301: so that' where you live?'s so pretty!
    332: Hubby ruined my art viewing with noisy whipper Snipper outside the door :/
    555: Hey it's Kenn...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    227: Huh?
    You post the oddest links.
    WHAT ANTS???? Where are the ants? I did not see ants.....
    *leans closer*

  9. Well, that was a lot of fun, Antares Cryptos - like running barefoot through a labyrinth. Thanks - C

  10. PS. I reallllly like your word 'Foruminate' (I have a unabashed fondness for foraminifera, so any word that even vaguely alludes to them has me soft at the knees.)

  11. I entered extension 301 & got lost for a few hours...

    It's cold...

    So very cold...

  12. This is twilight zone material, I tell you. It's like I came here to get you, but then it wasn't you... but it was. I feel kinda hippiesque now.

  13. Marylinn, same here for obvious reasons, I have a collection of the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring cosmic images imaginable.

    Silliness, a great stress reliever :)

    A lot of damage can be done at the Tate bookstores, when you have a chance, have a look at some of their cards and gift items too, I know you'll find them inspiring and energizing.

  14. Sprite, beautiful isn't it?
    Bookmark that site, when hubby is not being loud with a fun toy, they have some crafty things too.
    LOL. Kenny can put anyone to sleep and that image was sent to me by a librarian :)

  15. Claire, love that image, yes, my mind can seem labyrinthine at times, but you're running on sand or bryophyta and there are numerous exits ;)

    P.S. I share your fondness and excitement!!!

  16. Vinny, detours, detours, glad you arrived at your destination.
    Did they talk you into wearing that old space suit again?

  17. Paulsifer, :)
    Rest assured there are no hallucinogens involved.
    This is where my mind wanders when I need some stress relief.
    You'll get me, eventually, fellow geek :)

  18. My traffic is mostly dead flies glued to Hot Wheels cars. You really value it?

  19. tattytiara, yes, as do you.
    The live ones in particular.

  20. Where's the option to hear a duck quack?

  21. That's what I'm sayin though. This post has AC written all over it.

  22. Gaelic Wife, that option is widely available in real life.

  23. Paulsifer, I got you :)
    It is an extension of ourselves, isn't it.


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