Sunday, March 6, 2011

Losing time

February has been a short, yet busy month and as always when RL takes over, I notice that time seems to speed up the busier things are and slow down when bored by something that makes me want to doze off. The latter exercise usually involves watching untalented performers present something.  A similar form of perceived "time dilation" is experienced while testing the excitement of involuntary falling due to gravity.

The perception of time, while it exists, is an abstract construct and has been contemplated, remembered, forgotten, measured, evaluated, written about ad nauseam and infinitum. If the expansion of the universe is speeding up, how will that affect time? Is time infinite or will time eventually end?

Every now and then, I lose a day. I'm not certain why this happens or how one can misplace a day, but the mind has convinced itself that something has gone missing, which cannot be found or recaptured.

However, this time around I lost a day for an entire week.

On Monday, it felt like it was Tuesday.
On Tuesday, I had already moved on to Wednesday, and therefore the middle of the week.
By Wednesday, I kept reminding myself that it was not Thursday. Whispered questions throughout the day of the "It's Wednesday, right?" variety, rewarded me with stares of you're weirder than usual.
On Thursday, my mind failed to comprehend why it was not Friday.
On Friday, miraculously, I seemed to find my place in the space-time continuum again. Briefly. It only lasted a moment.
On Saturday, I was reminded that it was time to organize and declutter. My mind was focused on moving miscellaneous objects through space and time.
On Sunday....

When am I?


  1. On Sunday, I'm already dreading the arrival of Monday.
    Luckily, by mid-morning Monday, I'm already on the giddy non-stop ride toward the weekend.
    A weekend which includes...Sunday.

  2. Al, LOL. You're voting for cyclical then?

  3. Some possible explanations:
    1. circadian rhythm is wonky
    2. you need an inception-style kick
    3. stop using cocaine
    4. Charlie Sheen would say it's your Adonis DNA but he really means something else (see #3)
    5. Sprite has done something to you.

  4. I did NOT do anything to you...

  5. dbs :)
    1. Involuntary sleep deprivation is a possibility
    2. I can always use a good kick
    3. Can't stop what I never started
    4. See #3
    5. Now you're blaming fairies?

  6. Sprite, I know, you're a light fairy.

  7. What? It's Sunday already? I'm still on Saturday!
    Very well written post though, it was poetic and profound.

  8. I know this feeling well, Antares. And can you tell me why time seems to speed up as we grow older?

  9. You've perfectly summed us/it/this up, Antares Cryptos. I'm right with you in the Time Muddle, have a theory that its Kairos time trying to oust Kronos time and get us all back to rhythms instead of routines. There's bound to be a bit of adjustment period, right?!! Love this post, thanks ; )

  10. Well, I like the idea of rhythms instead of routines. It sounds so much more organic. My experience of time is that it evaporates. I have, often, no way of accounting for its passage, no proof, no product. And just around the corner, here comes Daylight Savings Time, sure to confound us further.

  11. Sounds more like you've GAINED a day.

    Losing a day is when you wake up on Monday convinced it is still Sunday, shut off your alarm and sleep in until you're fired.

  12. Sandra, thank you. We've all been there. ;)
    I'll be by to visit.

  13. Elisabeth, don't we all? The brain perceives time differently as it ages, no one avoids that.
    I can provide further information if you're interested, but when I start speaking in Science people usually experience aforementioned time dilation. :)

    Let me know, if there is interest I might do a post.

  14. Thank you Claire, and thank you for reminding me about quality over chronology.
    In synchronicity, there is a draft on how civilization has disrupted our natural rhythms. Maybe this the "time" has come;) to restore them?

    I'll settle for wishful thinking.

  15. Marylinn, "where did the time go?" Too much truth in cliches. I experience it the most when I paint, in the stages before the finished product.

    Are we too obsessed with outcome and products to measure time spent?

  16. KevD., hahaha, you too?

    Dude. You're faster than a speeding comedy bullet.

  17. I bought the David Attenborough Book on ebay last night. Just waiting for it to arrive now :)

  18. Sprite, happy for you. You'll love it.

  19. That has only happened to me once. I wish time would slow down, not speed up. On vacation time goes too fast though. Don't you agree?

  20. P.S. SPRITE. Rumors have it that Nathan Fillion and investors are trying to buy the rights back to Firefly, with Whedon! Brooowncoats. :)

  21. Gutsywriter, yes. Just as I finish with museums and galleries, it's time to get off the beach chair.

    You gave me a series case of "Wanderlust", by the way.;)

  22. OH...MY...GOD..... ARE YOU SERIOUSSS???????
    That would be awesome!!!

    "Every man there go back inside. Or we will blow a new crator in this small moon"
    "The Train Job" Firefly.

  23. :) Too.Many.Lines.

    "You think you're better than other people!"
    Mal: "Just the ones I'm better than."

    One of my favorite episodes was the philosophical bounty hunter. "Early"?
    I need to re-watch them. Imagine, if they get the whole crew back together.

  24. Shiny :) I hope it's done, even if it's for a couple of movies. Do you think Fox will give it up though? Seems unlikely when they are still making money off it, being aired on the science network...
    My favourite is "Out of Gas"

    Why can't we converse on both blogs? It confuses people.hehe!

  25. Sprite, apparently Fillion gets asked about firefly at every interview. So he said if he can get 300 mill, he'll buy the rights and make more. Websites went up and famous people are supporting him. Who knows?

    Why not? :)

  26. Actually, after two weeks, it would probably be bicyclical, huh?

  27. i can't believe it's only tuesday today. i swear it should be thursday. i am going to be so disappointed tomorrow after work, when i don't get a weekend.

  28. Al, it appears to be a chronic condition of cyclicity. (I've just been advised that this is not a word. Pfffft.)

  29. Hi Manders, short work week sounds good, although I suspect that we would get bored.

  30. I'm afraid that this is a side effect of the phenomenon known as Daylight Savings Time. Although they claim to give you the hour back later in the year...well, let's put it this way, rather than DST we might want to call it B.S.T.

  31. Nari, false advertising! I think B.S.T. is appropriate. I call it Greed Savings Time.


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