Monday, March 21, 2011

Sightseeing With An Artist. What do you see?

What do you see?

A street in Grottaglie, Italy.  Look closer...(Click on images for an even closer look).

The High Life

An English Heritage Property at Belsay Hall, Newcastle.

On closer inspection:


Sightseeing in Grottaglie, Italy.

It's a hot day.

Wet 'n' Wild

Late for work? Rushed to leave the house?

A Close Shave

Lost and looking for directions?


Feel like demonstrating?


Meeting Nessie

Fantastic Voyage

Painting en plain air at the Crystal Palace, London

Antscape Painting

Slinkachu is a street artist living in London, UK.  In 2006, he started the Little People Project.  He places his miniature installations in various cities, photographs them and then leaves them for people to discover.  An artistic social commentary on the isolation and alienation that people can experience in the concrete grey of urban environments.  Clever, at times poignant, ironic and humorous. His work has been featured in group and solo exhibitions and his first book was released in 2008.  According to Slinkachu himself, he "just wanted to make people smile". Since he has been making me and many others smile for years, I believe that he has accomplished his goal.

Slinkachu's blog can be found at Little People, a tiny street art project, on which he posts and updates his installations. Prints of his photographs can be viewed and purchased at the Andipa Gallery.


  1. Those are awesome. I'm always amazed at big imaginations out there - even when it comes to something so tiny.

    Okay! I gotta sat it. That guy in the last photo's painting an ant.

  2. Agreed. If you look at his other work, endless imagination and humor.

    He is? How did that get in there?

  3. This is brilliant - and I'm so glad you brought it to our attention. Certainly made me smile. Just goes to show what happens when we really zoom in on that big picture. ;)

  4. Thanks dude, these are awesome.

  5. Those are fantastic! I wish I had his imagination. The best I could do is pose my daughter's Ken doll over a mound of dog poop.
    It's certainly not Art.
    Because his name is 'Ken.'

  6. @Jayne, thought we could all use a smile. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. There's a lot of depth to his work.

    @Lisa, hi. Glad you enjoyed them too.

    @KevD. You're most welcome. I think they're awesome too.

    @Al, he keeps coming up with incredibly clever work. Been watching him for a while. You never know, take a photograph, give it a clever title and it could be art.
    Very clever, Al.;)

  7. Smiles. I have an aunt, once a shy child, who walked looking at the ground. SHE would have seen these. As it was, she always found money on the sidewalk. Hard to pick a favorite...I think the shoelace Nessie. The world remains open to new forms. Thank you.

  8. Marylinn, I keep hoping I'll find one of them, better look up on occasion. :) Yes, it was hard enough selecting these. He hand paints his tiny little people. You're welcome:)

  9. How creative. Now you'll have me looking down everywhere I go. I need to check out his website.

  10. If you like those, you might like these too.

  11. Love them (especially last one :)
    I am always amaized by street artists. SO talented
    I loved those realistic chalk ones that were floating round emails one time.
    Also loved the watermelon carving email? did you ever get that one?

  12. @Gutsy Writer, :), agreed. I think you'll enjoy them too. Some are a little dark humor and melancholy. Still quite good.

    @dbs, art can have that effect ;)

    @Laoch, agreed.

    @Jono, thanks, I'll have a look.

    @Sprite, me too. The chalk or pastel trompe-l'oeil that I sometimes see someone draw on the ground are amazing. Someone sent me a bunch of the carved ones a while back. Talent is everywhere, we just have to notice it.;)

  13. I absolutely LOVED this. Thank you!


  14. Hello Pearl, hard not to like them:)

    BTW, you are now the second person I know who likes the Master and Margarita.

  15. Dammed dbs! Now I feel like oranges.

  16. Those are brilliant! Thank you so much for sharing, Antares.~

  17. Hi Katsidhe, have a look at his other work, I think you'll like it.

  18. Ruth, yes and he keeps coming up with new ideas.

  19. I think this should be done in all cities around the world. It would encourage us to look closer at our surrounding environment, and find the beauty in simple things. Bring out the artist in all of us....

    And yes, have morphed the blog a bit. Trying to get work as a travel/destination reviewer.... Big hopes so far, but no action...

  20. Sarah, agreed. It is his intent.

    Good luck. I like your writing style, would go where you send us, so it's just a matter of time before someone says yes. BTW, I can't load your blog.

  21. those are great, i love them


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