Friday, March 4, 2011

The Woodland Faerie

According to the definition of fairies, a fairy is "a tiny imaginary being in human form, depicted as clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers".  Obviously, an error occurred during the transcription of ancient texts by non-magical humans, who interpreted imaginative as "imaginary".

Scholars refer to Sprites Talenticus, commonly known as the woodland fairy, as "good folk" and "people of peace". The woodland fairy of the fairy kingdom, are rarely seen by the human eye as they are known to be "shy and timid".  While it may be true that most fairies avoid human contact, this is certainly not true about one particular fairy belonging to the species Sprites Talenticus, whom I have recently met.

This fairy's magical powers include chanting, which can lead someone to start a blog, or cause mischief on other blogs. If you lost touch with your inner child, this fairy can help you find him/her again.

She also possesses the magical power of creativity; she paints, writes poetry, makes things and crochetnsing, crochecutl, crochesolves, anyhow, she uses string, yarn, wool? and needles, or magic, to create book worms, bags and items that we have yet to see.  As you'll discover when you visit her, she is a very talented fairy.

She is also quite powerful, she deals with anything the elements throw at her with a resilience and strength that in the short time that I have known her, I have come to greatly admire.  Like most fairies, Sprites Talenticus is very territorial and fiercely protective of her incredible and amazing family.  Anyone who dares to annoy her should be afraid...wwerry afraid.

It was recently brought to my attention that this fairy, who calls herself  A Little Sprite is celebrating a birthday.  It is only appropriate that I should give her an offering.

Since she is also a very funny fairy, unpredictable as all fairies are, one never knows whether one of her comments will elicit a chuckle, a laugh or lead to a sudden urge to be silly.  Among the hilarious moments of her life that she shares with those who have met her, are encounters with bats who throw mangoes at her and "horizontal rock-climbing" (patent pending).

So without further ado, a little Sprite is presented with this award by the Count himself, who knows about "batty" things and is asked to answer the following question:

"Do your witty answers pop instantly into your head when you read the post with an immediate urge to hit the comment button or do you have to sit and ponder?"

Have a great Birthday, Little Sprite, wishing you happiness and that your wishes come true.

Recent reports indicate an unusually high level of fairy sightings. Reports of fairy activity have come in from these locations: Here and Here and Here and Here...


  1. Here! Here! I done seen dem thar fairies too while I wuz sittin' muh porch. Yup! Seen 'em today.

    I think they're still thar.

  2. BOL (Burst out laughing).

    Vinny Bob, ya reckun' thatz what them are?

    Things it waz them dang U-fofos gain'. Gosh dangit.

  3. "patent pending" = hilarious. Good work!

  4. What a wonderful idea. The comment was removed. Forgiven? *looks up with big puppy dog eyes, while crossing fingers*

  5. Hi Nari, nothing to forgive.:)
    It was really nice that you jumped over there.


  6. "WEEEEE....!!!!!"
    White chocolate MUD cake..mmmmm

    You, my Ant are so very lovely.

    It's friends like you that make my day complete. :D

    "Clever, mischievous, and possessing magical powers". Obviously, about me! LOL!

    @Vinny re-intarnation = coming back to life as a hill billy.

    Thankyou for this. I had a great day and now I am full of CAAAAKE...
    *HUGE fairy hugs!*

    *flutters off a little lower to the ground*

  7. OOO! I'll do the Count thingie tomorrow. (when I am not so full of cake :)

  8. At first, when I read about woodland fairies, I thought Elton bought a home in the forest.
    But, my apologies!
    I'm now off to wish her a Happy Birthday.

  9. Sprite, you're most welcome. Glad to hear you had a great day.

    *Hoouumph* You'll get better lift off, if you set me back on the ground.

  10. Al, unless it's a castle, I doubt that would happen.

  11. OOPS! HEHE! I like carrying you around.. it's cute!

  12. Thanks, but you made me drop my leaf. I was supposed to be carrying it somewhere.

  13. Pssst, Sprite, Laoch is still waiting....

  14. Thanks for the heads up.. I WHOOSHED over there as fast as I could.

    Sorry about the leaf. No wonder you were so heavy!

  15. how sweet! that's a very cute picture of a dangly fairy, too!

  16. Sherilin, hi and thanks. Fascinated by ants:)

  17. A very warm tribute, compliment to one who, from the sound of it, can be thanked for much of the magic that finds us. And we can never have too much magic.

  18. Marylinn, agreed. Dreamers and band members need magic.


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