Friday, August 12, 2011

Everyone Is A Critic

I came across a humorous piece written by Paul Simms for the New Yorker, which takes an amusing look at blogging.

In this brave new world of social media, where everyone can leave their thoughts and ruminations as quickly as they are thought of, delayed only by the processing time of signing in, the resulting comments can be quite entertaining in their variety.

In this case the premise is simple; what if the Creator had a blog and invited readers to leave their comments? Enjoy.

Shouts and Murmurs, The New Yorker


  1. Very entertaining. (As always.) Thanks. (Never meh.)

  2. HAHAHA ~ love it. Posting on my FB page.

  3. Cant stop laughing at this:

    The creeping things that creepeth over the earth are gross

    LOVE IT!

  4. This so seems liek (that was intentional, BTW) what would really happen it isn't funny.

    Actually it still is funny.

  5. Enjoyed this very much. Nice find!

    {and the word evrification is 'maker'...}

  6. @dbs, thought you'd appreciate it. Thanks.

    @Nubian, I understand. Good things need to be shared. It's hilarious, isn't it?

    @Sprite, still laughing at that line too.:)
    And "Amoebas are too small..."

    @VinnyC, given the chance, I think that's exactly what would happen.

    @Barb, yes, thought so too. Imagine the billions of comments and suggestions that would be left.

    @Alistair, as did I.
    Missing a link here.;)

    @Laoch, agreed.

  7. And the dodo should just have a sign...what we would possibly write if we had matters of such weight to ponder. I like thinking big. :D

  8. Marylinn, LOL. I understand, I am certain I would have some suggestions of my own.


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