Friday, August 26, 2011

Screaming Aliens

The first time I saw Edvard Munch's "The Scream", my less than reverent reaction was: "I don't like it."

I still don't.  I am living on a spinning ball of solidified magma, hurtling through dark space at 29.79 km per second, while our solar system is orbiting around a black hole (the center of our galaxy) every 225 million years. I don't need to be reminded about existential anguish by a painting, especially when the original title was "The Shriek of Nature." Less screaming, more healing.

Recently, a fellow blogger showed me her interpretation of the scream.  This one I like. It makes me laugh. Actually, the heart-shaped antennae are killing me.

Meg's "Scream"
Meg is more of a commenter than a blogger. I completely understand; I used to be one of them.  She left a funny comment somewhere, which is how I found her.

Meg posts annually, in a prolific year she might post twice. I will never have to worry about catching up on her posts.  She lives in paradise, although it may not feel that way to her, but really, how many of us get to go for a walk and share living space with crabs and monitor lizards instead of pooping pigeons and shrewd squirrels?

She is openly geek, so the Geek Award is now officially presented to her.

Check out  Meg's Blog, you will not be disappointed.

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  1. That painting really is disturbing in a primal way.

  2. To be honest, I've never loved that painting either. In my psudo-intelectualist high school days I think I pretended to like it, but that's as far as I've gotten.

  3. I agree. The orginal makes me feel as if I am being pulled into insanity and I can handle that one my own.

    Maybe they should officially substitute Meg's version...I could get a petition together.

  4. I especially love the t-shirt.

  5. @Laoch, agreed. It achieves its goal.

    @Paulsifer, I can appreciate what he did, but it is disturbing.

    @Nari, but where would be the fun in making people laugh;)

    Think we should, he painted a whole series of them.

    @Vinny, me too.

    Like its dual meaning: I heart/invade earth.

  6. Antares, I <3 U. You made me laugh and cry. For the last few days, I've really been thinking of deleting my blog. I am more of commenter. I appreciate this more than you can know. Thank you.

  7. HOMG I remember my art teacher loved that painting, bordering upon obsession. I HATE it.

    Bitterly dissapointed Australia does not have Squirrels. Walked through amazing gardens in Melbourne that just BEGGED a colony of squirrels running around. I wants squirrels!

  8. @Meg, you're welcome, 'twas just a little shout out, no tears please.:)

    I don't think there's any rule that you can't post just once a month, it would be a shame if you quit, unless you really don't enjoy it. Why not leave it up for now?

    Think it will be interesting to read your experience when you move back to Japan.

    @Sprite, I don't understand that either, it's so dark and disquieting.

    They are clever and crafty, I watch them defeat bird feeders, very amusing. You have baby wallabys and wrens and..........

  9. @Laoch, the original or both? :D

    @Paulsifer, I think we all pretend to like the greats when we are young because we think we're supposed to.

    @Nari, I'd settle for having my version hang in the Louvre. :D

    @Vinny, thank you. I had an epiphany about that t-shirt while I was driving to pick up my son from school. One of my better ideas.

    @Sprite, I never loved it or hated it, just always wanted to do my own. Mona Lisa might be my next victim. ;) My husband will be visiting Australia soon. I really wish I could come meet him there.

    @Antares, I'm an emotional woman, can't help it. But they were mostly happy tears. I swear. I even blogged today, surprise! One of these days, I'll share some of pictures I took while living in Japan the first time around.

  10. The Simpsons did an interesting interpretations of The Scream but I agree, Meg's is impressive. Art begets art. Thank goodness.

  11. @Meg He will love it. Can't wait to see what you do with Moaning Lisa. I do like your Scream much better.

  12. @Ant Wallaby's are out in the bush... I wants random furry things running round terrorising the city dammit!

    p.s. read my comment on Vinny's post :)

  13. Thank you for the introduction to Meg, for pointing out that THE SCREAM may belong in the category of the Emperor's new clothes - many things do. On Geekdom, one bumpy night here, we re-watched the pilot for FIREFLY and found (a) we were completely distracted from whatever had gone awry (b) wished there were a few dozen episodes to watch, over and over and (c) felt grateful that the show got to have any life at all.

  14. @Marylinn Yay! Another Browncoat! Shiny...

  15. That's what I ought to do, post twice a year. THAT i can keep up with.

  16. @Meg, thanks for using the comment section the way I thought it should be; to discuss with other commenters.

    I loved it there, it'd be interesting to read your experience as well.

    @dbs, haven't seen it, I'll look for it.
    And paying it forward begets paying it forward. *clap*

    @Sprite, lol. "Moaning Lisa".
    Yeah, but they keep stealing food.
    I did and I know, give them a few million years and they'll have a civilization. Who needs opposable thumbs when you have 8 arms?

    @Marylinn, one does not want to be disrespectful, but some 20th century art is much ado about nothing. Imagine, painting an entire series about screaming...
    I too recently lined it up to be re-watched, grateful too, but Whedon originally wrote 3 seasons worth. I always thought that good art, whether film or painting, should do just that.

    @Sprite, yes she is:)

    @Robert, maybe it's time to take a little break?
    I'm about to.

  17. Congratulations Ms. Meg. You are awesome and love that you are being recognized. Blessed to call you friend.

  18. @Sprite, Thank you! LOL'd @ Moaning Lisa. I do often wonder if there's any truth that Da Vinci used himself as a model...

    @Marylinn, thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting! I don't watch much series TV anymore so I've only seen one episode of Firefly(Antares, please don't take my geek award away!) But then, I get sucked into watching 3 day marathons of Stargate SG1 or all the Star Trek movies back to back...

    @Robert, it really works for me. I think.

    @ Antares, I'd love to compare notes sometime. I sometimes think I could live there the rest of my life.

    @Nubian, you are making me cry too! Talk about being blessed. I've got more than I probably deserve. Thank you.


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