Thursday, August 18, 2011

I Learned To Lie In Kindergarten

Reverting to childhood speech for plausible deniability.


What cookies?

Did not.

Must have been the cats.

These cats do.

The cookie fairy then.

Yes, there is.  When she fails to pick up teeth, she steals cookies.

Have you interrogated the usual suspects?

The cookie monster, Santa,...Dobby!!!

Crumbs? What crumbs?

But, I'm grounded! That's not fair.

Fiiiiiiiine, I'll pick up some flour...and butter...and what?

Right after I lie down for a bit; my tummy hurts.

That's not funny.


  1. This proves that cookies are crack to some people.

  2. Cookies make you do things you normally wouldn't and that is all I am saying.

  3. @dbs, especially when not used to sugar.

    @Nubian, correct. Like putting up posts that seemed amusing while under the sugar influence.

  4. I never use the 'delete cookies' option. Doesn't bear thinking about....

  5. Mmmmm... Cookies. Now if there's anything on this Earth worth lying for...

  6. We all know better, but that doesn't seem to matter, does it? I love cookies for breakfast.

  7. No such thing as a bad cookie.
    Except for the unfortunate "Grandpa's Toe Jam Ahoy!" promotion from Famous Amos.

  8. I wonder if anyone turned to a life of crime based on stealing cookies as a child?

  9. It wasn't cookies for me, but this is also around when I learned to lie... hmmm.

  10. @Alistair,that depends on your preferences. My filter on raisins is set quite high.

    @Vinny, I knew you'd understand.

    @Meg, we do, absolutely.


    I love the smell of baked goods in the mornin'

    @Al, apparently there is.:)

    @Barb, lol, imagine those headlines:
    "Cookie thief strikes again after eluding authorities on a sugar-high energy rage..."

    @Paul, never too late to start early;)

  11. The cats are always blameless (even when at fault)!

  12. Laoch, they do seem to get away with...everything.

  13. Come to the Dark Side.....

    We have COOKIES!!

  14. Cooooookies.....


    HQ made me get out in the dark to buy ingredients. *sucks thumb*


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