Friday, September 23, 2011

Favorite Movie Comedies

Tim over at Life of Riles posted his favorite comedies.

Thought I would share some of mine. They are somewhat eclectic, but thought that I would share some recommendations of movies that some may not have seen. Listed in no particular order:

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet, (Amelie), very dark humored, great cinematography and some of the most memorable scenes I have ever seen. If you decide to watch it, avoid the reviews, they reveal too much. Original, surreal, but did I mention it is a very dark comedy? You have been warned.

The Party
Peter Sellers classic

Rat Race (2001)
A slapstick romp with a great cast including Whoopie Goldberg, John Cleese, Rowan Atkinson, Seth Green, among others.

The Fantastic Mr. Fox
A gem of stop motion animation. Clever and delightful.

Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
Comedy of errors with twists and turns and some phenomenally stupid criminals. Great script and dialogue.

There are obviously more, but these are among my favorites.
Which are yours?


  1. I have a tendency to like stupid funny in my comedies like Airplane, Blazing Saddles and The Holy Grail. I also love anything old with Dean Martin / Jerry Lewis. Or anything nostalgically funny life A Christmas Story. And I also find myself watching Animal House whenever it comes on.

  2. Top Ten (in order of favorites)
    Young Frankenstein
    Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    Animal House
    Blazing Saddles
    National Lampoons Christmas Vacation
    Major League
    The Hangover

  3. What's wrong with me? Everyone keeps saying The Fantastic Mr. Fox is good & I still haven't seen it yet.

  4. Hands down, nothing has ever topped "Dr. Strangelove"

  5. I might add "The Jerk." But like Nari, I like stupid funny movies.
    (Shaun of the Dead was fantastic.)

  6. @Nari, like those too. Great classics.
    Love Monty Python. "It's just a scratch":)

    @Al, good list. Still haven't seen Bridesmaids, heard it was good.

    @Vinny, had the same "problem". Thought it was geared towards children when it came out. Saw it recently because a fellow blogger recommended it. You'll like it, it's a caper.

    @Robert, it is a masterpiece.

    @dbs, good one. Whatever happened to Steve Martin?
    Off to the Winchester and don't call me Shirley.

  7. Hello AC.

    I like this idea, so I may as well stick my oar in.

    a} Duck Soup by the Marx Brothers. An absolute classic.
    b} Millions – an unusual wee gem.
    c} Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid – Steve Martin at his best (equal with 'the man with two brains')
    d} Withnail and I – Richard E Grant and Paul McGann's outstanding performances in this cult classic.
    e}The Plank – 1960s silent comedy written by Eric Sykes.
    f} There's something about Mary – that 'caught in the zipper' scene with everybody coming to look is surely every man's nightmare.
    g}Msr Hulot's Holiday – classic Jacques Tati as the well-meaning, lovable and gauche Frenchman who creates havoc wherever he goes.

    Thanks for making me think. That was fun and brought back memories of movies I really need to go and visit again. If any are new to you, I hope you visit them too.


  8. Oh - and I would have to add......

    The Party – I think I almost wet myself the first time I saw 'the bugle' scene. You couldn't have a list like this without Peter Sellers appearing in it somewhere!

    Birdy num-num!

  9. @Alistair,
    Some on that list I have not watched yet (Millions), thank you for the recommendations.

    Steve Martin, of course:)
    Peter Sellers is up there; the drunk waiter scene. LOL.

    Birdie num num to you too.

  10. Still haven't watched Fantastic Mr Fox...
    Always loved GroundHog Day.
    Fifth Element is funny, but is it a comedy?
    My son and I have a lot of one liners from Open Season 1 and 2.
    Love the moose from Brother Bear.
    There are lots more but can't think of them right now.

  11. Watch it, you'll both like it.
    Thought of putting it in, but Fifth Element is eeeeeverything cause it's multipass.
    Haven't watched brother bear.
    Please recommend when you do.

  12. Oh you will love Brother Bear.
    Saw another "autowash" car wash the other day...


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