Friday, September 9, 2011

So You Know You Can Dance: Bird Edition

Good evening, welcome to our first broadcast of "So You Know You Can Dance". The real life bird edition. Branches have been cleaned, feathers oiled and shined to iridescent perfection and the canopy has been cleared of monkey hecklers.

Our first dance contestants make their home in Papua New Guinea. Audience, please give a warm welcome to the dance crew: "The Rainforest Kilts".

Next up is the Wire-Tailed Manakin, tail shaker of the Amazon. Watch him spin 180 degrees at a time, without missing a beat. Give it up for "Little Man":

Last, but certainly not least is the Red-Capped Manakin bird (Pipra Mentalis) from Costa Rica. He is an expert in the difficult to master typewriter move. A round of applause for "MC Mental".

Millions of years of evolution have restricted voting to females only. In an unprecedented move we are opening the phone lines to any gender, including fish and other animals that are in-between or undecided.


  1. 1. The group in the first set made splendid use of pole dancing techniques. Extra points for bringing the sex appeal.

    2. Dancer number two did show smooth transition but really needs to slow down on the caffeine.

    3. I always wondered where Hammer learned his moves.

  2. On as slightly different topic, it is funny how we are now discovering that birds are much smarter than we had assumed. It is funny who egocentric a human being's view of the Universe is.

  3. :-) Bird #1 out of Papua New Guinea is my favorite, but only because he once asked me to dance. It was a night I'll never forget.

    And Laoch is right...


  4. Excuse me, but is this a fair competition?

    Some of those are professional birds!

    Let's have a level playing field..........

  5. Mate selection in birds shows that there really is a 'right' and 'wrong' way to dance. Their just more harsh with their decision on if it's good enough. Also, there seems to be a pass/fail to their voting system, unlike our gradation system.

  6. A bow to these exuberant artistes for the laughter, admiration and applause they call forth. My feet are twitching; my feathers in disarray.

  7. Have always loved the birds of paradise. The iridescent colours are just stunning.

  8. The girls might get the vote, but the boys always get all the pretty feathers. That #2 can really shake a tail feather.

  9. Hahahaha... I'm still laughing after Pearl's comment! The dancing birds get ten big caws and my undying affection.

    But The Rainforest Kilts stole my heart.

  10. As long as Ryan Seacrest isn't hosting.

  11. @Panel judge Vinny, thank you for your insightful critique.
    We have been trying to curb his coffee bean consumption.
    And the pants.

    @Laoch, so very true. Watched an interesting documentary of ravens dropping nuts over crosswalks, letting cars crack them and picking them up during green lights for pedestrians.

    @Pearl, did you have to hide the eggs?

    @Alistair, did you try to enter that competition again?

    @Paul, good point, it seems that the less flamboyant were selected out.

    @Claire, lol. They do delight a greater audience, even those who are feather-challenged.

    @Sprite, me toooooo. They are incredible.
    Have you watched Planet Earth?

    @Meg, fascinating that in the bird world, female beauty does not matter. Yes, he can.:)

    @Jayne, that Pearl is funny. They are a spectacular group.

    @dbs,lol *clap*

  12. Hmm.. probably. Can't remember.
    Watched an awesome one last night about Whale Sharks.
    There is a good one starting tomorrow night about the ocean.


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