Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Three Second Story

Saw this challenge of writing a three sentence story at dbs, who created an ominous but engaging piece of writing in three sentences. Thought I should give it a go:

Man ponders bridge.
Man crosses bridge.
Man gets to other side.

Your turn.


  1. Lewis played the girl like a Russian pianist, precise and calculated. His pure lake blue eyes turned cold when she whispered, “I think I love you, Lewis.” He dropped her hand, stepped away from her and said, “That’s unfortunate.”

  2. John pulled into the drive anticipating the evening his anniversary always brought.

    Envisioning his wife's lovely curves, he double-checked the chocolates and roses.

    Reaching for the door, it flew open and his beautiful wife, flashing her best forced smile said, "Look, Honey, my parents came to celebrate with us."

  3. She whirled around to face him with a look of accusation in her eyes. He took a step back, frightened by her anger.
    "You ate the last chocolate, didn't you?" she hissed at him.

  4. "You will?"

    "I will."

    "You will!!!!!!"

  5. "You never!?"

    "I did!"

    "Jings, crivens and help ma Boab!"

  6. My favorite example of this kind of story is: "The last man on earth sat alone in his room. And then there was a knock on the door."

  7. And as usual, the post is great and the comments are great too!

  8. He turned towards the open door. He knew he wasn't imagining it this time. The sound was coming from somewhere inside the house.

  9. @HeatherL, nice entry. One hopes the girl was an infamous pickpocket, who played him first.;)

    @Brett, lol.
    Sigh. Well, I may have been there.

    @Sprite, again?
    "She" needs to hide her stash better.;)

    @Barb, it was? Thank you.

    @Alistair, good one. Goosebumped.
    And then I lost you on the second one.

    @Laoch, haven't heard that one before. Suspenseful.

    @dbs, post? What post? There is a post?
    Ah. Sarcasm. I likey.

    Agree with you on the great comments though.

    @Meg, DON'T GO INTO THE HOUSE. NOT THE BASEMENT. *gnaws fingernails*

  10. Fun, fun Antares. I'm still looking for sentences. They seem to have run off with the printer.

  11. Chicken ponders road.
    Chicken crosses road.
    Greets man walking off bridge.

  12. @Jayne, thank you for your three sentence submission.

    Man greets chicken.


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