Saturday, February 4, 2012

When Animals Talk Funny.

I suppose when nature gives you quills that embed themselves in flesh, you can startle off predators with THE VOICE:

I had to check as I initially assumed this was fake, apparently they really do sound like they have inhaled helium or are auditioning for a cartoon.


  1. Um this is adorable. Where do I get one? lol

  2. That is adorable! Have you seen the Crazy Koala Fight video? Talk about strange noises. I think they used them for sound effects in Star Wars.

  3. BOL!
    Wont share eh?
    You kiss your Mumma with that mouth?

    Sounds like he had an attack of the sweary fairy..

  4. That is so cool. Now I have to find a porcupine to play with.

  5. @Kelli, agree. Would be dangerous to be near it though.

    @Meg, :), still can't believe that noise comes out of that thing.
    Have not seen Koala Fightclub, any good?

    @Sprite, I know, right?
    He sounds extremely busy.:)

    @Brett, might not be advisable.;)

  6. Luckily for the woman holding the camera, he was open to discussion. Most porcupines prefer a more "direct" form of protest.

  7. @Sprite, Sweary Fairy made me laugh!

    @Antares, the koala video is on Youtube. They always seem so cute and cuddly so it is weird to hear the noises they make when protecting their territory. Probably more interesting than good.

  8. I guess if I sounded like this I'd want to get a supplamentary defence system too otherwise I'd be getting beaten up by just about any other creature.


  9. I guess this porcupine get his street cred from the quills only.

  10. We had a cat once that would say "hallo". Clear as a bell. No one believed us and of course she never did it in front of anyone. But she did talk. Honest!

  11. @Vinny, ah, you're referring to the porcupine corn union incident.

    @Meg, I knew they were aggressive, but the sound they make sounds ghastly.

    @Al, thought so too. :)
    So what came first, the quill or the squeaky voice?

    @dbs, nature can be cruel.

    @Barb, shy talker then?;) They can sometimes sound like they're saying distinct words.

  12. Hello Sherylin, thought so too.
    It still sounds fake to me though.
    Good to see you again.


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