Monday, June 13, 2011

Creativity Rules

I came across this and had to share it with dreamers, builders, innovators and creators.

I am curious, what do you create, build, take apart, improve on, make, upcycle or DIY (Destroy It Yourself)?


  1. I deconstruct archetypes and paradigms.

  2. This is about my wife, not me, but when she was little, her parents bought her some kind of little people farmhouse with parts that electronically moved. That morning she found a screwdriver and took the whole thing apart. Her parents were mad, but within the month, she had put it all back together. Cool huh?

  3. Rules both Hubby AND myself follow.

    Hmm, what do I do? Too numerous to list here.

  4. I really ought to get the prescription on my glasses checked. I thought the first line said "No Need Shall Stand Undressed."
    Machine shop at a Nudist Colony?

  5. That reminds me... My wife's hairdryer is broken.


  6. @Laoch, :), ditto, but do you rebuild them afterward?

    @Paul, that is really cool. Did it work afterward? I turned kitchen appliances into high speed machinery, my parents were not happy. After that it was battery powered objects only.

    @Sprite, indeed.:) The one about throwing something out and finding the perfect use for it the next day made me laugh. Had that happen.

    No kidding, maybe a better question is what don't you create?;)

    @Al, lol. If you click on it, it enlarges.
    The image, Al, the IMAGE!

    You did have a good anniversary, didn't you?

    @Vinny, LOL, now THAT is a weapon of choice. Fixes everything.

    Well, at least it makes it look that way. *cough*

  7. That is hilarious! I love "Projects are stackable." I always knew that, and I'm just so glad to see it writing.
    I make (sew) Halloween costumes and then I turn them into giant pillows (and blog about them). ;)

  8. LOL! True.
    Oh and I am always trying to get hubby to throw out all his IT stuff...
    "But I might need this one day....." I hate to admit it but he IS right.

  9. It did actually. My wife is wicked smart though.

  10. I'm pretty sure an engineer wrote this. It's like the manual that should have come with my husband. If I had a dollar for every time one of our conversations started with him saying, "If I take it apart, I could probably fix it"...

  11. my most memorable creation was my "poking stick". our remote control broke so in order to poke at the vcr buttons without moving my lazy butt, i fashioned a poking stick out of two broom handles that i duct taped together. it was completely impractical to maneuver or control, and i usually ended up going over to the tv after many futile poking attempts, hitting the wrong buttons, knocking things over etc. A later incarnation of the poking stick involved an unravelled coat hanger with a piece of cork on the end. It actually worked quite well :)

  12. I am a relentless remodeler - I have been known to often violate the prime directive of DIY: "If it ain't broke, Don't fix it". I fear no danger when remodeling, an approach which has sent me (more than once) to the Emergency Room. I expect soon to be assigned my own private parking slot at Home Depot.

  13. @Jayne, yes, it is very validating:) Like the idea of upcycling a Halloween costume into a pillow. Saw it, very neat!

    @Sprite, Yeah, I know, but can't store or keep everything. Sigh.

    @Paul, wow, that's cool. Does she still make things?

    @Meg, LOL: "the manual that should have come with my husband". I think significant others should come with instructions. Yeah, yeah...but mechanical things can be fixed...;)

    @Manders, so funny, "poking stick", how are you supposed to channel surf without a remote control? Cork and coat hanger? That's the spirit; Homo Sapiens make new tool.:)

    @Robert, well, if we didn't ignore the prime directive, we'd never improve on things. They really should have that available for frequent customers. A "friend" made a water pond that continued to water the ground underneath...ahem.

  14. This is a beaut. I too love the insides of things. (Except cats.)

  15. The effort itself is the, now there's a concept todays youth are unfamiliar with...

  16. @Sandra, exactly! This generation doesn't make or craft as much, I noticed.

  17. @dbs, yes, thought you'd appreciate it.
    Same and ugh!


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