Sunday, June 19, 2011

June Awards and the Geek Award goes to...

A while back I received the Great Commenter award from Paulsifer and A Little Sprite. Thank you both, I really appreciate it. I am paying it forward to the following bloggers who show up regularly and take the time to comment.

Al Punwater, who leaves some of the funniest comments behind and makes me chuckle and laugh on a regular basis.
Jayne, for sharing her knowledge of and passion for the Arts with everyone.
Nubian, who still manages to rescue the world with kindness, compassion and humor, despite self-proclaimed consumption of copious amounts of wine.;)
Meg, who falsely claims that she is half crazed, when she leaves rather sane and funny comments about cats and geckos. Thank you for showing up and commenting.


Awards show our appreciation for what fellow bloggers post. Only in the blogosphere can one receive an award just for showing up, inspiring others or making someone laugh.  Even though some bloggers consider them BTDs (blogger transmitted disease) and they are ubiquitous and come with rules, which I usually ignore, (because, well, the award police has yet to make an appearance), they are welcomed, especially when sincere.

Before I joined the blogging community, which allowed me to meet some incredible people, I noticed that once again the geeks were being left out. There is nothing wrong with pink and pretty, but even when it comes to frivolous blog awards, the geeks are not being represented. That void needed to be filled and after laborious efforts and experimentation, (Oh. Look. My basic paint software has a spray can, but can't layer), I managed to create this:

It is a stunning work of art, isn't it?


Anyhooooow, this shiny new Geek Award is bestowed upon some fellow geeks, who write about science, nature, gaming or other geeky interests.

A Little Sprite, a fellow natural history buff, nature geek and wildlife expert, who knows everything or if she does not, will look it up. 
Paulsifer, who ponders the depth of human behavior and statistics and is an avid gamer.
Vinny C, another game geek, bird watcher (ask him, birds are his PASSION), who openly admits his interests, which include anime and scifi.
Doctor Cynicism, who is deeply involved with the study of "why aren't all humans using their brain?" and started a campaign called Darwin Weeps. He spends his spare time annihilating titans and creatures.
Jono, a proud geek, who shares what he finds with the rest of us geeks. I'm convinced he owns a T.A.R.D.I.S.

Rules? What rules? Give it to someone who is openly geek.

Thank you all for being part of this blogger's Jeesh.


    I shall hang it ever so proudly.
    Thank you Ant B) (they are supposed to be glasses)

    As Penny says "I've got my Geek on!"

  2. Bazinga!;)

    I saw, you're fast.
    You're welcome and thank you.
    *puts on cool shades*

  3. I am Swiftious Spriteous

    Ball Ep. EVER....

  4. Antares- Congratulations on your award! And thank you so much for paying it forward to li'l 'ole me. I can feel my headache clearing... :)

  5. Thank you Antares! I guess crazy is all in your perspective...or mine, lol. Next time I spend 36 hours(give or take) watching a Stargate SG1 marathon on SyFy, I'm coming over here for that Geek award. :)

  6. Geeks. Rep. Re. Sent.
    Nice work AC.

  7. Thanks, AC! Now I feel compelled to lay on a snappy, yet classy, rejoinder to this prestigious endowment. Hmm, what to say, what to say...? Oh, I know:
    Did you hear Weiner pulled out?
    Give me a break, it's early morning and I haven't hit my stride.

  8. Thanks Ant. So much love in the blog world, makes me think there is hope for mankind. Copious amounts of wine? HA.

  9. @Sprite, :) Yes you are.
    LOL. I KNOW, right:)

    @Jayne, thank you and you're welcome.
    Good, I'm starting to get used to my musical guests;)

    @Meg, you're welcome. Does that mean you'll post more than once a year?
    I may have done that. You could post about it;)

    @dbs,someone had to.:)
    Thank you, *clap*

    @Al, you were a great commenter before you were thus endowed.
    Did he? He'll probably show up on some celeb rehab show.

    @Nubian, there's always hope, but I think we're in the minority.

  10. GEEK & PROUD! Love it and thanks! Sorry I couldn't pick this up sooner. Something to do with Mrs. C apparently "owning my ass" on weekends & going on to say "the internet can have me back on Monday". Go figure.

  11. So I did NOT win a GEEK award - I don't know if I should be happy or sad??

  12. @VinnyC, Booyah!!!
    No worries, I'm certain your assets are well loved.
    It's time the pocket protectors and homemade utility belts are worn out in the open.
    Uumm...okay...maybe the world is not ready yet...


    @Robert, I'm not sure....
    You definitely fall into more than one geek category. Anyone with your passion for and promotion of science should get this award, especially since you post about it.

    I thought of you, but thought you disliked blog awards. Personally, I think it's yours, but I'll leave it to you if you want to add the science/geek badge to your blog or not.

    Let me know, and I'll add you to the list. My pleasure if you accept it;)

  13. Cryptos: Thank you, but that merely was my veiled attempt at some Rodney Dangerfield humor. No award necessary, but thanks just the same.

  14. Ant I'm late as usual but just wanted to say that yes I am a proud geek and I thank so much for my award. I will hang it proudly in my living room even though it will cover part of the Marvel Comics wallpaper. :-)

    Oh and no, I don't own a TARDIS but you may not be surprised to learn that my kids bought me a sonic screwdriver for Father's day. :-)

  15. @Robert, it's still yours as far as I'm concerned.
    You just can't get no respect;)

    @Jono, lol. Just Marvel? ;)

    That is a great gadget, I'm sure it will scare screws into obedience.:)

  16. Hi everyone!
    *crowd says hi in staggered unison*
    My name is Dr. C, and I'm.... and I'm... I'm a geek! And I'm sick of being ashamed of it! Thanks for the support and great award Antares!

  17. Doc C, welcome to Geeks Un-anonymous, please help yourself to portal shaped donuts.

    *laughsnorts at own joke*


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