Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cats Training For Something

Exercise Video with Sparky and Jet:

Sparky: I'm Shparky, cuz I'm bright. I make mashine go.
Jet:      I gotta work off those treats. They call me Jet. Ready for takeoff, Sparky.

Sparky: I make mashine go fasht.
Jet:      Look. I run so fast my paws go blurry. 

Crowd:  Run Sparky, Run!

Sparky: Yeeeeeaaah! Look at me go weely fasht.
Jet:      I'm hungry.
Sparky: I make mashine go shloooow and shtop.

If you're celebrating a long weekend do not forget to exercise. What am I saying? I am not your coach.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Hilarious AC absolutely hilarious.

  2. I wish that the treadmill was as fun as the kittens made it look!

  3. I love your conversations, Antares! Oh my gosh, that was funny!! :D

  4. @Alistair, one has to give credit to Sparky. The boy has got rhythm. Thought it was funny too, glad you enjoyed it.

    @Katsidhe, I know. I'm envious of that elegant dismount.

    @Sprite, :) How amazing that they actually seem to enjoy it and want to run on the treadmill.

    @Jayne, thank you, fun to write. In a sane household we actually do voice overs when we can't figure out what they're saying;)
    Yes, my reaction was the same as the owners.

  5. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww... how can I stay at work now? Honestly, I just overdosed on cuteness. I think I will go back home and hug my kitty.

  6. Somewhere (probably YouTube) I saw where a guy had built a big contraption like a hamster wheel where the cats would walk on it causing it to dish out a small amount of cat food. Found it!

  7. @Kev D., it does inspire to train for a marathon, doesn't it? ;)
    I think Sparky is developing his own category; the two pawed run.

    @Robert, to each their own. Seems easier to just place food in bowl. Cat looked hungry.

  8. They look better on that treadmill than I do.

  9. No exercise this weekend except for lifting the drink to my lips.

  10. Oh, I thought you might like this little article from Wired entitled, Summer Reading for Science Geeks:

  11. But I need a coach!!! Please be my coach. With artificial sweetener on top. :)

  12. They seem in shape. I wonder if I could hire them to do some bird hunting?

  13. I've watched the video at least three times now and shared it with my daughter. Funny and cute! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I'd get cats if they did this! That is so awesomely funny.

  15. @Al, they look better doing most thing than I do.

    @dbs, sounds like a plan.

    @Laoch, yes, they are. Had a quick look, thank you for the link. Kaku is on my list.

    @Gaelic, neither my coach nor Sensei know the meaning of sweet.
    But I can channel them for you, if you want.;)

    @VinnyC, good one.
    Not sure about Sparky though, he's *different*.

    @Meg, I know what you mean. Still cracks me up, Sparky is so intense.:)

    @Cheeseboy, I keep wondering if they trained them. Glad you liked it. Cats are entertaining in general.

  16. Hi There. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for the info and know we will not be leaving our house now because of the wasps and snakes. Thank you very much!!! hahahaha. Seriously, I am enjoying what I've seen here so far so I'm following. Besides, anybody who follows Al Penwasser has to have a good sense of humor, haha.

  17. Welcome Barb, sorry didn't mean to turn you into a hermit;)
    Just saw and thought to warn you, couldn't help myself. They drink nectar, as long as you use zoom, filming them shouldn't be an issue.

    Thank you, although you might change your mind when the science posts start coming.:) Following widget has been giving me grief, got you in feeds for now.

    Ah, yes, the unforgettable adventures of Mr. Punwater.:)

  18. I know exactly what cats are training for - evil. They are adept at the art of acrobatic evil.

  19. @DocCyn, it's okay, I'm jealous of their agility too.
    If I tried to hop of the back of the treadmill like that, I'd go flying.
    I'm here for you, my friend. *pats shoulder*

  20. that's great! i've got a fat cat here who could use a good work out. then again, if the little one keeps chasing him, maybe he'll shed some weight just running for his life.


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