Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bruschetta Al Antaro

Ciao! Come va?

Dis iss Antaro. Antaro show yu ouw too maka da Bruschetta. Yu say "brusketta".

Bene, allora. Yu needa dis:

Tomato, Onion, Garlic
Basilico, Oregano, Salt
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Ciabatta or Baguette

Is molto importante too gutt de tomato and de onion,...come si dice piccolo?.....Eh?! Come?...."Smaaaall". EENGLEESH! *&%((#    %$#&  @%%&((*

As someone's Nonna, not mine, dice: "Vat iz dis? Tomato?!? It looka lika tomato. Diz iz not a tomato, diz iz garrbaatch! ONLY in Italia doo yu av tomato. Buon gusto. Diz? Gusto brutto. PHEH!!"

Yu kutt, yu mix, yu put on de bread, yu bake, yu mangiare, mangiare. Iz simpel and good for yu. Capisce? Bene! Buon Appetito.

Ragazza Klara mada me do dis, she say: "Ant. C - okay, so I nearly split my ribs laughing this evening, thanks to you! All because of a comment I came upon by chance on Think.Stew's blog. Your Tofu Burger recipe (with accompanying commentary) is hilarious and brilliant. I'd like to encourage you to copy/paste it to your own blog where others can delight in it as I did?"

In Italia, they maka de Ferrari, causa soma de uomini need it. "Smaaaaaal." I mada da funny, si? Klara calle everribuddy funny, iz much better than a Ferrari.

Allora. Iz too hot anda too much worka to show yu all de funny commenters. I show yu dis from: thinkstew-dbs

Dis iz Bella Italia. Iz made by Yanko Tsvetkov, designer graphico at He maka pictures called "Mapping Stereotypes".

Iz not nice, but tru.

Allora. I av to go on de Vespa to meeta miei amici.  



  1. Can you hear me roaring and splitting my sides all over again, Ant. C???!

    Clearly, you 'non flocci faccio' - do not give a straw - about my ribs.

    You'll be telling Geiger and Sporran - those quirky black cats - about this, won't you? Oh, AND Estorbo - esp. Estorbo! He would have plenty to contribute to this conversation!

    He he. You are funny. And I reeeaaally needed some lightness this morning - muchas gracias mi amigo,
    Klara ; )

  2. Very nice. You have one thick accent there. :)

  3. Now thatsa funny! (Thanks to Claire for prompting that.) ;)

  4. I had to read it out loud and it made me laugh even harder. Loved it.

  5. At first I thought you wrote "Gut" a tomato and onion. Probably unnecessary, I suppose. But definitely EASIER than gutting a fish or deer.

  6. Someone asked me today if I knew what Sarcopenia is. I thought it was a kind of pasta. [shrug]

  7. Mama Mia! (I hated that movie but this made me laugh.)

  8. Ah Nonna wouda be proud. Bene, Bene.

    You no hava tomato teel you hava my tomato. Straigha from thee garden eh!

    Whersa thee Olives eh?

  9. I'm with dbs. That movie was bad.

    This post, however, good. Very good.

  10. Ciao Signore Luigi, si, I canotta stope eetin de Bruschetta. Basta, Antaro, basta!

    Ciao Signora Klara, laughin is lika Bruschetta, gud for yu.
    Don Estorbo is gatto spagnolo, he no talk.

    Ciao Signore Paolo, is no tick, tick is insect brutto. Italiano is musicale.

    Ciao Signora Giovanna, grazie mille, si, di ragazza maka me do crazy tings.

    Ciao Signora Vino, si, I hadda to dice louda to writa, is not difficile but maka di peeple and di animali look at me funny.

    Ciao Signore Aqua di Montagna, is importante to yuse de hole tomato. Pesce, is gud idea, I maka tonita vit de Bruschetta.

    Ciao Signore Roberto, de worde is brutto. Is mada in Greecia, not Italia.

    Ciao Signore Pensatore, grazie mille. Mia mama is comico, de movie was brutto.
    I no vatch.
    De Vespa is betta dan unicorno, si?

    Ciao Signora Elfo Piccolino. Parlo Italiano molto bene.
    Essattamente! Gud Tomato only froma de garden. Aussitalia maka gud tomato?
    Is in de oilo d'oliva.

    Ciao Signore Vincenzo, grazie mille.
    Yu on de Vespa con Segnore Pensatore? Va bene.

  11. You canna hava de Bruschetta without de Olives...

  12. You have such a sexy accent! And your Vespa? It reminds me of when Deirdre was young and called it a VEE-spa.


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