Thursday, October 20, 2011

Occupy Antarctica

Apparently we are not the only species that is capable of feeling entitled to something that does not always belong to us.

Reporter: Black Mask agreed to talk to us if we do not reveal his identity.
Black Mask, how long have you been acquiring Bob's pebbles?

Black Mask: Let's see. This is my fourth mating season.

Reporter: Are you not worried that you will get caught?

Black Mask: Naaaaah. Look around you, there are 5 million of us. I blend right in.

Reporter: Any reason that you have chosen Bob in particular?

Black Mask: Yeah. He has a good eye for the nicest rocks. Knows just what the ladies like.
Not that sharp though, if you know what I mean...

Reporter: Not really.

Black Mask: Hey Bob. Larry was looking for you. Said he found some really nice pebbles 30 nests down.

Bob: Uukay. Thanks, man. I owe you one.

Reporter: Which one is Larry?

Black Mask: Who is Larry?


  1. BOL!. how funny..
    I heard Black Mask with a strong pommy accent in my head. Like Handsome Rob in the Italian Job (2003)

  2. Yeah, LOL! Criminal penguins. Blimey! What is the continent coming to?

    Oh, and Sprite . . . I heard him with a Brooklyn accent. :)

  3. One has always suspected those sneaky penguins.

  4. Poor would think the videographer would help him out a little. He's just watching the whole thing behind his lens, more concerned with getting it all on tape. Damn Penguin Paparrazzi...huh, I guess they ARE a lot like humans.

  5. @ Sprite, I agree, it's hilarious.
    LOL. Would totally fit. "The Penguin Heist"
    I couldn't believe that he stands there and sly scopes things out over his shoulder/flipper.:)

    @David, it's pretty funny.
    A "foget abat it" accent would work too.;)

    @Laoch, those streamlined bodies are used for deception.

    @Nari, good one, filming caught in the act just to get it on YouTube. I mean, really. Someone should have helped poor Bob.

  6. It's just so funny to watch.. "The Nest Job"

  7. Sprite, I agree.:)
    The nest job, lol.
    I meant slyly, because sly scope makes no sense.
    Stupid spelling.

    dbs, precisely! :)

  8. It's like I said, the rest of nature is just as screwed as we are. Oddly, it's consoling.

    You're right. Great minds do think alike.

  9. @Vinny, pretty much. Comforting nonetheless.
    *high five* It was interesting to see your version.

    @Biff, hello.

  10. Attracting females with rocks? Sounds great.
    And a helluva lot cheaper than dinner and a movie.


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