Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Thought For The Day

You are walking through a hot desert, when you encounter a tortoise that is lying on its back.

You watch it desperately trying to right itself, but you do not help.



  1. So I can catch a breeze from the frantic wailing of its legs? No?
    Is this a trick question?
    Instead of righting it, I kill it and eat it? Then, use the shell to scoop up any water I find? No?
    Because, if I right it, it may beat me in a race to a water puddle (I'm very slow)? No?
    Because, if I right it, it may attack me (I'm very skittish and have turtlephobia)? No?
    Oh, screw it, I give up. Let's just go with existential sociopathy.
    Actually, I'd help it. Because we all could use a friend. Even a tortoise. In the middle of the desert.

  2. Because I'm something of a bastard?


  3. @Laoch, hahaha :)
    Accurate description of modern times.

    @Al, lol, nice collection of reasons.
    It's better than befriending a volleyball.

    @Pearl, one would have to be in that situation.

    Want to see what others come up with.

  4. If I hadn't come along, would it have eventually righted itself and gone on it's way? If I did turn it over, it might walk away and become the meal of an animal that preys on turtles, because when it's your time, it's your time? Because as a society, we are getting more and more used to turning our backs on those in need and worrying more about ourselves? Oh...yeah, what Laoch said. Basically. Right?

  5. What desertis it? What's a tortoise? (Sorry, couldn't resist)

    My answer: I'm the one who flipped him over in the first place. Damn tortoise!

  6. *walks back and tips tortoise back over*
    "there you go little guy"...
    *walks off*

  7. Righting the tortoise will only prolong his suffering and inevitable death without water.

  8. I am a photographer for National Geographic and as we all know we take the pledge not to interfere with nature. ;~)


    @Meg, we are so good at justifying indifference;)
    Basically, exactly.

    @Nari, interesting answer. Haven't heard that one before.

    @Sprite, you just don't play the rules, do you?

    @dbs, you are assuming that it is not a desert tortoise, which can survive without water for a year. Yes, I know, I.am.such.a.geek.

    @Al, lol.
    You have already given your new friend a name. Aawww.

    @Nubian, we both know you would not abide by that pledge. See Sprite.:)

  10. @Dbs I knew that too.. GEEK-A-RAMA!
    @Ant NO, no I don't. heheee!
    *Feeds tortoise a cactus.....* (that's where they get their water from.. but you knew that already...;)

  11. I don't help because God helps those who help themselves. Even though if they help themselves he doesn't need to help..haha

  12. If I'm stuck walking in a desert, I think I'd be too preoccupied by my own problems at that point.

    P.S. - Word Verification is 'sings'. If it's a singing turtle on it's back then I'll probably just assume I've also gone insane.

  13. Why would I be walking through a hot desert? And aren't most deserts hot? Of course, depending on how far I've trekked through the hot desert, I may be delusional and dehydrated and rolling on my back as well. Therefore, I might assume I might assume that the tortoise is just having some fun with itself. Hmm... ;)

  14. @Sprie, lol. Nature geeks unite!
    I meant by the rules. Grammar.
    Yes, I did too.:)

    @Pat, thank you for visiting.
    Good one.

    @Vinny, I initially answered that I must be in that stage of dreaming where I can't do anything.
    Hallucinating from walking in the desert is another option.

    @Jayne, I don't know why you're walking through a desert. During the daytime, they can cool down quite a bit at night.
    That is possible:)

  15. The answer to this thought-provoking riddle:

    Because you are also a tortoise.

  16. Tortoises don't help other tortoises in need? Where is the love?

  17. @Vinny, survival of the most indifferent.;)

    @Sprite, :)
    but if you were, you'd have a good excuse to not help;)

  18. Oh, you bad, you got us Ant!

  19. Actually, I can't swear to this but of the three desert tortoises we had as pets during my childhood, I seem to remember them helping (or trying to help) right one another. And whew, finally the answer. I'm afraid I would go against the National Geographic code and right the creature. Interfering with nature...isn't that what got us into this mess?

  20. @Marylinn, just noticed this comment. Sorry.
    I did not know they did that. Do they?
    It is thought provoking and when I initially came across it I was trying to figure out what type of situation would make me unable to help.
    Yes, and ignoring nature.


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