Saturday, October 8, 2011

Randomly Pondering:

1. Why is America one of only 3 countries (Burma and Liberia) that does not use the metric system? Does anyone like feet all that much?

2. How do people keep losing just one shoe in public places?

3. Where did all the bloggers go? Is this an annual pre-winter hibernation? Is it contagious?

4. Why are we all swamped with work and RL at the same time? Why "swamped"? Why not; I got quicksanded at work today?

5. Why do they not manufacture universal lids that fit any container?

6. In an age of alleged environmental consciousness, why is technology disposable and not made to last?

7. Why do I collect so many glass jars for painting, when I do not have much time to paint? It's not like the glasspocalypse is coming and they'll stop making them.

Yes, sometimes I wish I had my problems too.


  1. Question 4: Not only disposable but toxic...filled with unpleasant things that require special handling. And we know the other part of the answer is if they lasted, how would they sell us anything new? And yes, if these are your greatest concerns today, you are living a charmed life. :D Quest. 3 - RL and temporary blogger burn-out? It is not universal....some are still producing tons.

  2. Marylinn, nice to see you.
    Agreed, this is the modern dichotomy. Things used to last for decades and the economy was doing just fine. At a time when we should be consuming less, we are consuming more. Strange times.

    If these were my biggest worries, my life would be charmed indeed.;)

    Many have disappeared or a posting less, wondered what happened to them or if this is turn-over time.

  3. I have to say I'm glad the US is not using the metric system still. I flunked that class in school! Very fun post. I always enjoy yours.

  4. Antares- How do you know that the glasspocalypse is not coming? In any event, I'll take you word on that. It is comforting.

    And I don't want the metric system. I've enough to fret over! And the Bloggers... well, I'v been one of those hibernating from rounds. I've been in the swamp lately. But glad I visited you today!

    Very funny post. ;)

  5. "quicksanded" No one thinks like you. *clap*

  6. The answer is.. 42

    If Seagulls had eyebrows, would they raise them in greeting to one another?

    Why does grated cheese taste better than a slice of cheese from the same block?

  7. Based on your observations I'd venture to say that the glasspocalypse isn't the thing to worry about. It's the shoeandlidocalypse that poses a greater threat. I can just picture a barren wasteland filled with semi-shoeless people shuffling around with coverless containers. Dreadful!

  8. As far as #1 goes, I think it's because of football. Can you imagine "3rd down and 1.3 meters to go"? I think even the Canadians use yards when they play football. And they have French people.

    To be honest, I think the Metric System is fantastic. I love saying that "Little Al" is 76.2 millimeters long rather than 3 inches.

  9. @Barb, thank you.
    I prefer it, science uses it quite a bit. Everything is divisible by 10...

    @Jayne, one hopes it's not coming. I like glass over plastic anytime.

    I know what you mean, have a hard time catching up lately. C'est la vie.;)

    @dbs, think we should implement it? Swamped is so last century.

    But what is the question?
    Yes. And yell "Mine! Mine!" :)
    So true, why is that? Mixes better with other flavors, perhaps.

    Picturing a Monthy Python sketch to go with that.

    @Al, agreed, would sound strange in football.

    Makes "it" sound more impressive in metric. I prefer metric, makes more sense to me.

    @Nubian, right?
    I keep losing the "right" lid and then I get yelled at.

  10. @Sprite,
    P.S. but no one has figured out the one shoe mystery.
    One hour shoe? ;)

  11. If blind people wear sunglasses - why don't deaf people wear ear-muffs?

  12. The one shoe left was a faulty one hour shoe...

  13. What kind of painting are you doing?

  14. 1. Because Americans equate the Metric system with Socialism; pounds, inches and even time is patriotic. This is why, if they called a Tea Party rally at 14:15 nobody would know when to show up.

    2. Foot and leg amputees demand equity with the dual foot/leg appendage holders in hanging their shoes over the telephone lines in most urban environments. Alas, their attempts are in vein when their single shoe lace does not secure when heaving it up over the phone lines.

    3. I know where I went.. I took up smoking so I could get up from my desk and stand outside twelve times a day doing nothing. I am trying to counter the trend in America for increasing productivity.

    4. You never emerge back out of quicksand and therefore have to be replaced.

    5. No lids of any kind are manufactured in America. Foreign manufactures are in the bind of having to make lids and corresponding containers which will be sold in both markets where the Metric and Non-metric measurements are used. So a lid is made so it is a scooch bigger than a centimeter and a scooch smaller than an inch. The lids therefore don't fit wherever you are in the world.

    I instead use the lids as coasters and close all my containers with Saran Wrap.

    6. I don't know what you are talking about, I thoroughly clean all my recycle containers with large quantities of fresh, clean, abundant, expensive treated municipal drinkable water before throwing those items in basically... the trash.

    7. Please Recycle.

  15. I was going to sit here and come up with answers, but I kind of like Robert's. Why do you see so many single shoes on the side of the road? Why have so many single shoes, with the feet still in them, washed up on the shores of British Columbia? One of the great mysteries of life.

  16. @Alistair, because it's sunny and warm.;)

    @Sprite,lol. It didn't disappear.

    @Laoch, none at the moment. Just sketching. Mostly nature-inspired realism.

    @Robert, how do I top that? *grins*
    Why bother when it seems (and probably is) futile?
    Because apparently we need to write about it, otherwise it's just apathy.
    I think you deserve the sarcasm award for that one, nicely done.
    BTW, venting is good for your heart. Scientifically proven!

    @Meg, so do I.
    Ugh. I much prefer finding them empty, so far so good.

  17. Yes. It needs to be implemented.

  18. Questions 1 and 2 are related, don't you think?

    America is clearly taking an ironic and peaceful stand against the metric system by showing their support for "feet", in the form of its measuring tool "the foot", by placing singular shoes across the country in a deceivingly random pattern.

  19. @dbs, excellent!
    Let the confusion begin.
    *rubs hands*

    @Nari, yes. I see the connection now.
    *Whispers* It's one of them conspiracies, isn't it?

  20. Why do they not manufacture universal lids that fit any container?

    They do, sort of, and I have them.

    They are large lids with concentric grooves that fit a wide array of containers, ranging from very small, to kind of large. They are usually rubber.

  21. Hello John,
    I've seen you around;)
    I've tried a couple but they did not work very well. (Not a tight seal).
    Which brand are you using?


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