Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Carib Grackle

I Grackle. I walk.
The Carib Grackle, Quiscalus lugubris, is a sociable bird, which lives in large communal flocks. This beautiful bird appears to be mostly black, but has iridescent blue and purple feathers, which it proudly displays. It is resourceful, intelligent and has learned to adapt to urban environments.

Who there?
Unfortunately, when someone like Vinny C stumbles into their territory, their watchful sentry will detect such unauthorized intrusion, alert and deploy highly trained Grackles, which will attack and defend their land.

When it comes to such unfortunate events in life, Vinny C., a clever, witty and funny Master of Disguise, deals with these attacks by running and screaming by standing his ground and distracting a flock of mildly psychotic birds with his usual resilience, humor and a paperclip.

Vinny C is also an artist, in fact, he wants to be a glassblower when he grows up.  He uses his artistic skills to draw stick figures with big hearts, (very big hearts) for educational purposes. He manages his own blog and writes for Sprocket Ink not once, but twice a week, where his clone he talks about the parenting skills of eagles, among many other subjects.

There was something else....mmmmh....he's funny, teaches readers what to do with life's lemons, just like Cave Johnson. He's a really nice guy. Did I mention he's funny and a nice guy? (Yes, I did). Oh, yeah, I almost forgot...


Hope you have a great year (until it's hunting season again).

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  1. Wow, that bird certainly has a mean and condescending look. How did you get a photo like that? Happy Birthday Vinny C.

  2. LOL! Love it :) Your drawing is perfect :) Happy Birthday Vinny C!!

  3. @Gutsy, agreed. Bird with attitude. I "found" him looking that way;)

    @Sprite, thank you. Cartoons are us.:)

  4. Eek!!! The birds! The birds are back. Quick! Hide me! They're after meeeee!!!

    *runs away*
    *runs back*

    Thanks so much.

    *runs away again*

  5. Now I want the t-shirt!! Love it!!

  6. Yikes! Are those the birds that Hitchcock employed for his thriller "The Birds"? Loved the humor and all the blog information in this post. Thanks so much! :)

  7. Best. Birthday. Entry. EVER!

  8. Crows and magpies have a fairly interesting, if not odd, sense of humor as well.

  9. @Vinny, why are you wearing a lampshade? Where are you running? They can fly.

    Wait for me. *Runs*
    Hope you had a good day.
    @Nubian, I've told you before, get him to manufacture them, he owns the copyright.
    @Jayne, maybe they inspired Hitchcock? They are quite intelligent.
    @Katsidhe, thank you. There's a contest???;)
    @Robert, humor is a sign of intelligence.:)
    There is some really interesting research being done that revealed that they are much more intelligent than previously thought.

  10. Grackles everywhere are wishing Vinny C and Happy B-Day!

  11. I hear they're scared of lamps. I'm hoping this'll fool 'em.

    All in all a good day.

    Oh, and, ruuuunnn!!! They eat ants!

  12. Hey, got an award for you over at my place.

  13. @DocCyn, we have a new word. Dr. Grackle? Does have a certain dangerous ring to it.

    @Vinny, thanks for heads up *hides under leaf* do realize that wearing leafs and lampshades as hats may cause bigger problems than Grackles?

    @Paulsifer, thank you, jumping over. Welcome back.


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