Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Raisin Of Reason

I am happy to report that I am happy to report that the predictions of my untimely demise were highly exaggerated, including my own.  In addition, it would appear that none of us were deemed worthy to escape the human condition prematurely. The kind elderly gentleman, who made it his life's ambition to warn us all, miscalculated again, proving once again that the future is unknown.

What I hope that this accomplished is that anyone who worried or believed in this type of prediction, frequently bred in uncertain economic times, will not worry about 2012. That his followers are met with compassion rather than ridicule, for being so desperate to want to leave their existence behind.  I am also hoping that those who chose to take advantage of the vulnerable will be forced to issue a refund. Hope goes last.

Considering his age (89), an apocalyptic end is in sight, as it eventually is for all of us.  I cannot escape my own mortality or even live "every day to the fullest", whatever that actually means. However, I can choose to steal every little moment of time that I can to read a good book, marvel at a leaf or watch squirrels argue about whatever it is that squirrels argue about. It looks like everyone has got problems.

What kind of lemons do squirrels get and what do they do with them? I have been left to ponder the seemingly irrelevant.


  1. Nubian, you're too kind. Life reminds me on a regular basis that I am not perfect.;)

  2. If you see it on YouTube, it HAS to be true - apparently what squirrels do with lemons is eat them!

  3. I think I must have slept through the Rapture.

    As for Squrls.. I am thinking that nothing would piss me off more if, after all those months of hibernating and storing of food stuffs, I got a bad nut. THAT would be annoying. If I were a squrl.

  4. The secret of life is that everything is relevant.

  5. @Robert, lol. I'm sure there is a metaphor in there somewhere.
    Adorable climbing rodents, especially while munching lemons, unless they are having an argument too early in the morning on a weekend right outside the window.

    @Sprite, I had a good nap too.

    LOL. What if you didn't remember where you hid your nuts? Or someone stole it and all you got is raisins. I don't know what I'm talking about?

    @Laoch, it is, isn't it? Although the meaning escapes me at times.

  6. "marvel at a leaf" *clap*

  7. I don't believe in the 2012 version either. But I think I should probably stop watching the History/History International Channels. Brad Meltzer creeps my kids out. Just saying. There aren't any squirrels in Guam but we have tons of Gecko's. I've given names to the ones who hang out on my bathroom window. Oh, and the one that lives in our mailbox is Bob. I'll stop rambling now.

  8. Squirrels argue about who has bigger nuts.

  9. Keep an eye on those squirrels... I feel like when the Apocalypse finally does arrive, they're going to have something to do with it.

    Birds too, because, dammit I hate birds.

  10. I belive that one day we will find that the irrelevant is much more relevant than we thought. Happy, day two days after the day that was supposed to be the rapture day!

  11. @Sprite, :)it's a nutty world.

    @dbs, *clap*, exactly! I know you know.:)

    @Meg, they went from historical fact to sensationalism, too bad. I like Geckos, have you ever watched comedian Danny Bhoy, he has a whole set on Geckos performed in Australia. At least Geckos are quiet.

    @Katsidhe, probably, but do they have to argue outside bedroom windows? They also seem to be arguing about whose branch is longer.

    @KevD, aaah, I see. The first sign is all the nuts are gone.
    You really don't like animals, do you?;)

    @Paulsifer, agreed.
    Happy too, unless we all got left behind;)

  12. Once more, your profound wisdom causes me to think.
    And not just that the marketers for "The End of the World Tour-2012" are hacked off at Camping for stealing their thunder.

  13. Al, thanks, my friend. "Profound wisdom"???, have you read my last post?
    One can only hope that scared folk realize that this is a profitable scam.

  14. Wise words as always.

    I agree with Kev. Especially little black birds that swoop at your head.

    I'm gonna guess that December 2012 will be just as screwed up as May 2011 or any other time of year really)

  15. Vinny, thanks, dude.
    You're traumatized aren't you? Wonder what happened to Kev., with birds I mean.
    Yeah, one can only hope, although sadly the guy just moved it to October 2011. He's persistent. Sigh.

  16. I had not seen Danny Bhoy before...but now I have. Very funny. One of the things I miss about living in the states is satellite radio and listening to the Comedy station.

  17. Meg, yes he is. I'm sure he has a DVD out. He's quite good.

  18. Outside our windows, we have not only squirrels arguing with squirrels, but also with parrots, who, in turn, argue with each other. My son and I have wished for United Nations-style translator headphones. Worry and fear...way to keep a people enslaved. If we are quiet, our intuition can tell us what is real.

  19. Marylinn, like you I want a universal translator. What are they saying? "Good day? Where's my nut? That's my branch."

    Exactly, and there's too much fear mongering and worry inducing "information" out there.


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