Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Giga Bites You

Internet consumption has increased exponentially in the last couple of years.  We flocked to the interweb seeking entertainment and found a sliding scale of addiction. With a healthy dose of concern and indifference, I have been watching the industry giants acquiring and attempting to acquire each other. I wonder....

Google + Facebook = Glazed Look

Google + Twitter + Facebook = Gt Fcd

Microsoft + Nokia = Mocking Ya'

Skype + Microsoft Kinect = Skyne(c)t. Ha! I knew it!

Microsoft + Google + Facebook = ?



  1. Image by Steelgohst at DeviantArt.

    For those of you not familiar with the "Resident Evil" movie and video franchise:
    The Umbrella Corporation is a fictional version of the ultimate evil corporate giant, controlling anything from biotech to computers.

    One of the characters is a self-aware supercomputer named the "Red Queen". (Apparently a homage to Lewis Carroll and HAL 9000)

  2. Microsoft + Google + Facebook = Big Brother?

    As a military spouse, OPSEC has been drilled into my head. I bet most of my friends on Facebook don't even know what ship my husband is on. But I figure the people that really want to know, will find out with no problem. I'm not sure there are any secrets anymore. But then again, I tend to be slightly paranoid. :)

  3. I think it is a reasonable idea to encourage people, companies and society to live under the following proviso: no more secrets.

    More likely; the dinosaurs of tech will go through their life-cycles like all others companies.

  4. hello..coming by to visit for the first time.. sorry to say, i m not so familiar with these formulas yet.. lol.. but i know i m addicted to blogger!

  5. I am always amazed how many leave FB updates on where they are at any given moment. What?! You're going from a movie out to eat and then for a drink and you've listed all the places by name/address?! Plenty of time to break into your place!!


  6. Microsoft + Google + Facebook + Twitter = Sadly, how I spend most of my day.

  7. Microsoft + Google + Facebook = "FacePatch"

  8. @dbs, Big Brother's Little Sister?:)

    @Meg, until our privacy is protected that's how it should be. The question isn't whether you're paranoid, the question is are you paranoid enough?;)

    @Laoch, Optimism. It's the hope that counts.
    Lack of competition is never a good thing.

    @RC, hello, I think to some degree we all are.

    @Sprite,lol, yeah pretty much:). You said "goo", heehe.

    @Pearl, I agree completely, especially now that someone can get in anywhere.
    Plus, I'm really not interested in the updates like "having dinner....chewing".

    @Vinny, we've all had those "productive" days. Hang in there, you're still connected.

    @Robert, it sounds funny, but you lost me. Please clarify...Facepatch? What am I missing?

  9. You make a good point. The answer is no.


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